Did You Know That a Playboy Can Change His Job to a Sage? – 07

The Playboy Puts on a Killer Magic Show

This is a story from a while ago.

“Dine on this, my most exquisite magic, Fireball!”


The Mage Hero of the Hero Party Aiza’s strongest magic was this fireball.

When we were surrounded by zombies and living armour, there were plenty of times that Aiza got us out of a predicament by using a barrage of fireballs.

But using a barrage of high-level spells like that, she’d always faint afterwards.

Of course, I was the only one who would carry her after she fainted, and the only thanks I’d get was a ‘How dare a commoner presume to touch me!’ when she woke up. So stupid.

Aiza always said that fireball was the ‘strongest magic’, but when I was in The Resplendent Lords I learned that when it comes to fire magic, there’s another spell that’s actually at the top.

She probably knew it herself, huh? Guess she didn’t want to admit it with that ego of hers that she couldn’t master it, though.

It’s when I’m remembering things like that――

“Dylan-san? Are you thinking about an ex?”

Tina’s face popped up out of nowhere.

We had taken those stairs from the second level straight away.

And emerged onto the third.

“…What do you mean, ex?”

No, if she meant ‘ex-party member’ then she’d be right, but somehow I doubt it.

“Look at the woman you have now! In the present!”

Fu fu~n, Tina puffed out her chest, the size of which helped make an impression despite her height.

“…And you’re the woman I have now?”

When I looked into her eyes, Tina’s face turned red and she shook her hands.

“Ah! I-I-I didn’t mean it that way!? I just meant that I’m the woman in your party now!?”

“Huh. Whatever you say.”

“Oh… Y-yeah…”

Tina seemed a bit dispirited when I answered her normally.

Why are you feeling so down about that…?

Ah, jeez.

I gave Tina’s head a pat.


“I get it, I’m counting on you, my present woman.”

“~~~Yep! Okay! I’ll do my best!!”

In the blink of an eye, she’s all smiles again. She’s easy to handle.

“Ehehe, my head got pet…”

Tina walked ahead in a pretty good mood.

Well, it’s fine since she’s a tank and all… Ah.

“Oi, that room there is――”

“You can count on mー!”

Tina opened the door to the room with a cheery voice.

When opening a door in a dungeon, you should always check for an ambush or a trap first, but the little warrior didn’t do either.


She screamed as soon as she entered.

“That idiot!”

I sprinted over in a hurry.


Slimes, goblins and bloodwolves, a whole mess of monsters were in there.

Tina clung to me with tears dripping down her face.

“M-m-m-m-monster house! It’s a monster house, Dylan-san!!”

“Can it, you stupid warrior.”

The door closes, it won’t open again from the inside.

Well, duh.

The monsters lick their chops at the fresh prey. Gihihihi, they laugh as they close the distance.

“Heee….! Dylan-san, what are we gonna do, Dylan-san! I-if this is it for us, I have to tell Dylan-san something first!!”

“Tina, calm down for a minute.”

I sighed as I put my hand on her head again.

I gave her hair a little tussle.

Then, for emphasis, a smack.


“I’ll have you owe up for putting the party in danger later, but for now let’s just get out of here.”


The warrior apologizes whilst trying to wipe away her tears.

“Alright then, Miss Tank. Think you can keep yourself safe?”


“Just keep yourself safe and keep on the move. That’ll keep you alive. Got it?”

“Yes, okay!”

Tina nodded twice. Good girl, I’ve already trained her well.

“Then, see ya.”



As Tina screamed, I threw the deck of trump cards in the air above me.

By the time they had all fallen, I’d disappeared.


Tina looked around for me in vain. A monster is creeping up on her.


All the lights in the room blew at the same time, the room was covered in darkness.



The monsters raised up voices of surprise straight away. Because as soon as the lights went out,

“It’s Showtime!”

I had suddenly appeared on the table in the middle of the monster house, bathed in the glow of the spotlight.


“Gragh graghhh!”


“Haaa ha! Looks like we got a full crowd tonight! This place might be a dive, but I’d say it suits the locals just fine! Now everybody, pay real close attention. Because the leading star tonight is none other than――me!”

I took a small ball from my pocket and spun it on my finger.

As it span, the ball began to light up.

It’s a simplified version of an item called a ‘Mirage Ball’.

The mirage ball strengthens the skills of the jester class significantly.

Into the dark room, the strobes of light from the mirage ball traced all over.




“Now it’s time to get started――Let’s dance!”

As I spun on the spot, many orbs of light appeared around my feet.

When the orbs of light cross the path of the strobes from the mirage ball, the light grows incredibly strong and blinds the monsters as well as invades their mind.

The monsters that took the direct light into their eyes were completely bedazzled.

In other words, they’re now captives to my dance.

Having captivated the audience with a single heel turn, it’s time to up the ante.

“But what’s a dance without a little music! ――Hit it!”

I spun on the spot again and the orbs responded. This time, they burst into cards and formed into apparitions that resembled famous musicians from long ago.

It’s like they just stepped onto a real stage, completely decked out in formal wear.

The guys tuxedoed from head to toe and the gals looking like real undines.

They come from all different races, but they’ve got something in common.

All of them are carrying an instrument.

The concert of the spirits begins.

“Start the music!”

The dance cultivated by a level 99 jester doesn’t just hold humans and monsters in rapture, it entrances the very spirits themselves.

The spirits, who sometimes lend their power to magic spells, especially love human music and art.

Every time I want to strike up a tune, they’re more than willing to play along.

It’s like the priest orchestrating the choir, or the chieftain drumming up a war dance.

My gifted talent ‘The Love of Theatrics’ lets me direct these spirits to perform.

So long as my own performance is good enough to get their attention, they’ll back me up on stage.

The spirits who were already watching my dance began to play for me.

It is the heavenly music of higher beings.


As I danced in that spotlight, I became the star of the battle.

The headline act of a one night show that charmed every monster in the room.


Tina screamed from the back of the room.

But she really should be focusing on herself, considering how many monsters I’d yet to charm just turned around to look at her――

“Garoo Garoo♪”

“Gobu Gobu♪”

Many of the monsters began to dance with me.

They’re low tier monsters on a low tier floor. Their magical resistance is trash. They were easily charmed. In fact, they’re already in a state of deep hypnosis.

“Ah ha ha! Cha cha cha, cha cha cha♪”

I jigged over to Tina, and―― Hey.

Did you really get charmed so easily… Oh, right, wasn’t your magic stat F…

With a sigh in my heart, I resolved to end the performance.

To everyone who came out tonight, I’m deeply sorry… But I’ll still accept the fee.

It’ll only cost your life.

Now, the thing that had always been standing in the way between me and my long awaited lead role was this. The jester’s dance doesn’t deal a finishing blow.

If I was a better singer, maybe things would have been different――

But all I could do after dancing my heart out is blandly kill everything one by one, try and have the monsters turn on each other, or just leave it to my allies.

And just like that, the lead role would usually be stolen from me at the last minute. I’m not the one who gets to lead the cast in the curtain call. I never got to be the headliner. It was the worst.

――Until now.

“Dylan-shaaaaan! The power you got when you changed jobs, show it to meeeeeeeeee!!! Kyahaha!♪”

She must have guessed what I was about to do, so Tina shouted it at me as she danced in a frenzy.

That’s right. I changed jobs.

I’m a great sage.

I might be level 1, but I’ve got some new tricks up my sleeve already.

I pointed my finger at the mirage ball.


It’s just a little fire magic.

A basic spell, nothing compared to what Aiza could do.

But even so, shooting it at that mirage ball, it’s going to spread through the entire room. And since I’ve got magical power for days, I could probably shoot as many of these as I wanted.

It’s just a basic magic, after all.

It’s no problem.

A fireball no bigger than the gap between thumb and forefinger shot out.

The fireball was sucked into the mirage ball and spread through the room at once.

The dancing monsters were enveloped in the bright red light.

‘Oh, did I just kill myself?’ is what I thought. I unconsciously began to dance a magical resistance spell, as if on instinct.

I think that did it.


The monster house was completely engulfed in the flames. The heat was too intense for the third floor and the doors that were meant to be shut tight blew open.

Honestly, I thought I was gonna die.

Can you imagine being the basis of the legend of the level 1 sage, who killed himself with his first spell? That’s gonna be a bit of a problem, I’d be the laughing stock of the spirit world.

Looking around, I noticed that the walls of the monster house had become dark.

Everything had been reduced to charcoal and ash, and I couldn’t tell what was slime, goblin, wolf, table or chair anymore. There’s a shadow of a goblin against the wall over here, it’s a bit scary.

“Ah crap, Tina!”

I forgot about her. This might be bad!

I looked at the door we came in through in a panic, although it had already been completely blown off its hinges already.


And there was Tina, who was still standing. That’s good. She seems to be safe. Her armour and shield are still fine as well.

“Hey, Tina, you alright!?”

Tina didn’t move, looking completely dazed. Uh, is she actually alright…?

“Ah, Dylan-san.”

“Are you okay? Any injuries?”

When Tina looked at me, her eyes suddenly started to come into focus, then she began to shiver violently.



“Ah, it was really pretty!!”


“I got sucked up into the light of Dylan-san’s dance, then the fireball went wooooosh, and then everything got turned into a big mess, but it was really pretty!”


“Blue and white, then it was orange and red, loads of different colours! Ahhh wow it was so pretty! It was like being in a rainbow! Sorta. Kinda? No, it definitely was!”

Tina spread her arms out wide and yelled.

“――It was like a rainbow river!!”

What else could I do but laugh?

“….Ha ha, I see.”

“It was super beautiful! Dylan-san, did you see it too!? It was amazing, right!?”

“Ah… I guess it was?”

To be honest, I didn’t really have the time to sit and watch.

“Dylan-san is so amazing!! You’re only level 1 but you can use a fireball already!!”

“No, that’s wrong.”


“That wasn’t a fireball just now, it was a firelight.”


“Firelight, the lowest fire spell.”

“The really weak one?”

“Yeah, that one.”

Tina finally got it, but she only seems more confused.

But soon that surprised face began to tremble again.




Then she hugged me again.

“Amazing, Dylan-san! Just using firelight and you did all this!? Combining your jester skills and your skills as a sage! As expected of the great sage!!”

As she hugged me, they bounced. Every time she jumped, this shortstack’s deadly weapons slapped against my stomach. Please stop, I’ll really die this time.

And then,

After Tina praised me for a while,

“――I fell in love all over again.”

She whispered that so softly, that I didn’t really catch it.



Someone call the police, she’s heavily armed and dangerous(ly cute).

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    1. Evidently, become employee of the year at your workplace, then get scouted at a new workplace, get treated like a slave by your coworkers, get fired and, finally, go back to your old job, but demand a raise…

  1. “To everyone who came out tonight, I’m deeply sorry… But I’ll still accept the fee.
    It’ll only cost your life.”
    That is one expensive show…
    But, that aside, THIS NEEDS AN ANIME!!!!

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