Even Though I’m a Former Noble and a Single Mother, My Daughters are too Cute and Working as an Adventurer Isn’t Too Much of a Hassle – 29

Meanwhile in the Empire

The Emperor’s palace was in turmoil, much owed to the foul mood of its lord.

“What is happening!? Why won’t my daughters come at all!?”

He flung his arm wildly and smashed a vase to the floor, his maidservant jumping in fright.

One month has passed since he learned about the two daughters he had with that villainous woman and ex-fiancé of his.

In order to bring the heirs to the Imperial throne home to the capital, he had asked four mages to cast suggestion magic on his daughters, but the first three of these casters had their curses rebound and their bodies sliced in two.

Although the fourth caster hadn’t died, his curse was prevented by some means and Albert was struggling to find a magician that could actually do the job.

“Shit… All of these magicians are worthless… Can’t even cast a spell on a ten-year-old girl…!”

Albert stomped into his office, roughly rubbing at his hair and sitting down furiously in his seat, remembered the words his beloved wife had told them on the day of his ascension to the throne.

“Albert-sama’s benevolence will be known across the Empire… No, the whole continent will know you as a great man!”

Then why isn’t it happening? He was the ruler of the largest country on the continent, a man who was supposed to be an Emperor whose name would resound through the ages.

Does he turn his frustrations to that family living in the Kingdom? Vent his anger at the failures of the mages? Or, should he blame himself? Not having come to an answer, he sighed as he heard a knock at the door.


“Please excuse me.”

An elderly man dressed in a tailcoat opened the door. It was the Lord Chamberlain who had long served the Imperial family.

“Her Highness Princess Philia wishes to be granted an audience, Your Imperial Majesty?”

Albert frowned when he heard the Chamberlain’s words.

Although Philia and Albert were brother and sister, their relationship had begun to deteriorate rapidly eleven years ago once she had started to question him and wading into politics herself.

“…Show her in.”

“At once.”

Despite that, if you exclude his daughters in the Kingdom, his sister is the one blood-related family member he has left. He decided to grant the audience, even if he was reluctant.

“Pardon me.”

A young but dignified voice sounds in the office. Albert couldn’t help staring at her when she entered, blonde hair shining in the sunlight from the window, those blue eyes reflecting a strong force of will.

Philia Ragdoll, Princess of the Empire and his younger sister. Albert himself is loath to admit it, but she has strong popularity amongst the people, probably more than he or his government does.

“It has been quite some time, Your Majesty. Was it not half a year before I last had the privilege of looking upon your esteemed face?”

“Hmm, I hear that you’re conducting your own tour of the Empire?”

Albert was disgusted by how she seemed to be acting like some innocent sister who was happy to see her brother, but he held his tongue.

In the past, she had always just been his cute little sister, but as time went by Albert grew more and more frustrated and bitter about how talented she grew up to be.

…Of course, Albert didn’t realize it himself, but this feeling of inferiority that helped opened a chasm in their relationship.

“So, what is it you require of me?”

“I shall go straight to the crux of the matter. My older sister who fled the Empire eleven years ago… I heard that Shirley is now an adventurer in the Kingdom, living with her two daughters.”

Philia stared coldly at him, those blue eyes that seemed to blame the Emperor.

“What’s more, those two girls seem to share a connection to Your Majesty by blood.”

Having come all this way to tell him personally and with such a cool tone, it must mean that the Princess is well aware of what the Emperor is up to.

“What are you thinking, Your Majesty? Relations with the Kingdom are already so tense… And now you seek to rob a woman you betrayed of her children! You took everything from her eleven years ago and now you want her daughters as well!”

“I betrayed her? No, the opposite! She sought to deceive me and, worse, she was unbearably cruel to Alice!”

Their relationship is already bad enough that they’ve started to argue only a few sentences into a conversation and the atmosphere in the room is tense. If you had told someone who didn’t know the full story that eleven years ago, Shirley was very close with both brother and sister in this room, they wouldn’t believe it.

“You still cling to such lies…! How can you believe such outrageous and unproven accusations!? Were you simply blinded by that harlot!?”

“How dare you speak that way about your sister in law!? Are you to say that her tears were mere lies as well!?”

“Of course I will! Why even mention tears? What can you possibly prove with that? What’s more, for a woman who resides in the position of the Empress but cares more for her own debauchery than the poverty of the commons, I shall call her whatever I please.”

In truth, this was the biggest reason Albert had come to hate Philia. How can his sister speak like that of his muse? The one who helps soothe his weary soul and takes him away from the stresses of power, if only for the time they spend together?

In fact, when Philia tries to bring up that Alice should be removed from her position every time they talk, the gap between them widens more and more.

Even worse than that, she’s always pining over that evil woman who had attempted to deceive and swindle him.

“…Actually, right now, that woman doesn’t matter. What matters is that, as the Emperor, you need to place your own people above this magical buffoonery. Even if those two are related by blood to Your Majesty, since Shirley was exiled as a criminal, her children are ordinary commoners who have nothing to do with the trappings of power. What’s more, if this is heard about by King Edward, the Empire may gain an ill reputation for kidnapping.”

It’s not just a matter of trustworthy relations. In the worst case, trade relations could be ruptured with the Theocracy and the Duchy, having an effect on the economy of the already shaky Empire.

“Why would bad rumours spread simply because a father wishes to greet his daughters? Besides, we can ignore the inane barking of such tiny countries in the first place.”

“The size of the country doesn’t matter!”

Albert’s ridiculous words giving her a headache, Philia desperately tried to reason with him.

“The Kingdom is a country that can be seen as the headquarters of the powerful Adventurer’s Guild and is ruled by the Black Lion King, a sage ruler the likes of which hasn’t been seen on the continent in centuries. It has a strong and well-trained army, so much so that the Duchy and the Theocracy don’t even think about going to war with them. On the other hand, our Empire is funded by the taxes of the people, but that woman’s ludicrous spending has plunged our treasury into chaos. Comparing the two countries, is it really wise to continue worsening our relations? Will you keep pulling on the Lion’s tail, he who considers his citizens an extension of his own body?”

“Y-you dare insult our Empire whilst being an Imperial family member yourself!?”

“I must tell Your Majesty the truth because he refuses to see reality!”

But those words didn’t reach the Emperor, in fact, Philia’s exasperated tone only made things worse. She tried to imagine the figure of the woman she admired so deeply. No matter how much she wanted to scream, she had to stay calm and cool, just like she did.

“In any case, Your Majesty must stop using magic to interfere with the Kingdom’s citizens and also rein in this insane spending. If you truly care for the suffering of the people, you must turn your eyes inward.”

“Two… Two girls who bear the right to inherit the Imperial throne dwell in the Kingdom. So long as Alice is being so unfairly accused for something that she cannot help, I have no intention of giving it up. What’s more, you accuse her of spending too lavishly, but it is necessary for the Empress to be dressed in finery and splendour to dazzle foreign guests and emissaries.”

“Big brother!!”

“Speak no more!”

She tried to reach out to him, calling him the way she used to, but Albert batted her hand away.

“I… I am the Emperor! A man who will become a legend of this continent! My judgement can never be wrong!?”

He looks like a petulant child. Albert glared at Philia with wild eyes, who was stunned into silence, then pointed a quivering finger at the door to his office.

“Get out! I don’t want to see your face!”

“…Then, please pardon me.”

Deciding not to add more oil to a raging fire, Philia curtseyed with as much respect as she could muster and left.


“Your Highness, is everything alright?”

The red haired knight Lumiliana rushed to her Princess’ side when she emerged from the office, breathing a heavy sigh.

“I am fine, don’t worry yourself.”

“As much as I wish to believe you, you do not look fine at all. This palace is not fit to rest in, we should retire to the hotel by carriage. I managed to get a good room there.”

She walked one step behind her Princess who maintained her grace and dignity, remaining vigilant in this palace that was full of enemies for her. Lumiliana stepped into the carriage after checking for any traps or sorcery, then invited the Princess in after her. As soon as Philia stepped inside, she collapsed into a seat, finally not having to keep up the farce.

“Ahh, jeeez…! Why is His Majesty always like this? Doesn’t he realized he’s being used by Alice at all!?”

“…It truly is a shame. If I may speak frankly, what I heard through the door was quite pathetic.”

The two girls can’t help but be disgusted with the emperor’s disgraceful behaviour. Especially the way he had complete contempt for the Imperial citizenry.

“That’s why I’ve been saying that woman is utterly unfit to be Empress. Oh, if only my older sister had become Empress instead, how amazing would things be…”

“Lady Shirley Earlgrey… The fiancée of the then crown prince, who was falsely charged eleven years ago and is now exiled to the Kingdom?”


Philia was only six years old at the time, but she still fondly remembered meeting the person she admired all that time ago.

When Shirley was introduced as her future sister-in-law she had been struck by her beauty, intelligence and strength of character, as a Princess who had no blood related older sister she became very attached to her, trying to emulate her in every way she could.

Although they only truly had a relationship for about a year, Shirley and Philia had such a warm relationship it was like they were true sisters.

She was well-liked at the time by the previous Emperor and Empress and when Philia thought of Shirley becoming her true sister-in-law, she was happy from the bottom of her heart.

“Because of her white hair and strange eyes, she was ostracized from the Duke of Earlgrey’s family, yet despite all that, she was still so kind. She always let me sit on her lap and we would read fairy tales together.”

“I haven’t met her, but I can tell just by listening to the story. She really was a lovely person, wasn’t she?”

“Yes… That’s why, such a thing…”

It was a chilly February day when she learned of the false conviction that had occurred whilst she and her parents were abroad.

They returned in a hurry once they heard the news, but by that time Shirley had already escaped after enduring torture for a month. Despite being so young at the time, Philia understood the truth the moment she saw that devilish woman wearing an evil smile, standing by her brother’s side.

She was only seven at the time. Although she asked about where Shirley was every single day, the wound in her heart only deepened every time she was rebuffed, whilst also widening the relationship between herself and Albert.

“So, when I heard that my older sister was still alive in the Kingdom, I was really happy. I thought she may have died, so I was really surprised to hear that she had become an adventurer.”

“…Don’t you want to meet her? If that is what Your Highness wishes, I can escort you…”

“I cannot.”

She answered quietly, but immediately.

“The Imperial family has done something absolutely unforgivable to her. She won’t ever want to see my face again.”

“That’s… Your Highness, you don’t have to carry the guilt for something you didn’t do.”

“Even if I was young at the time, I can’t run away from the fact that I couldn’t do anything for her back then, not even speak up against my brother on her behalf.”

She was a member of the Imperial family. She may not have ordered it herself, but as someone at the top of society, she should have at least being able to do something for Shirley.

No matter what Lumiliana says, how can Philia as a member of the Imperial family that cast her aside, ever think that Shirley would want to see her again?

“I have no right to meet her and should simply pray for her happiness from afar, but…”


Because Albert was aiming for her two daughters, she couldn’t do nothing.

Using her intelligence sources, she had learned that Albert had hired various sorcerers to use magic in an attempt to kidnap the children, but all had failed so far.

What was that older brother of hers going to do next? Being his younger sister for such a long time, Philia had some idea.

“Lumiliana… This isn’t an official order, but something I want to ask of you.”

The person she loves like a sister is about to have what she holds most dear stolen from her by that elder brother once again. Even though she’s sure that the person in question wants nothing to do with her, as a Princess she has to act.

The greatest political maneuverer of all the Princesses on the continent summoned a new determination and looked deep into the eyes of her best friend and faithful follower.

“Philia is one of the four ancient forms of Greek love, considered even more valuable than eros as it was a sign of an affectionate love amongst equals.”

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      1. yup hes gonna be known as emperor who was unfit to rule welp albert you were looking to put your name as a legend and thats probably gonna be true but as the opposite of what you want

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      If there’s one thing i’m curious about, it’s the exact method Alice has so thoroughly ensorcelled him. Is it pure looks and behavior, or is there some magic at hand as well?

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        Right now I’m thinking Alice is good at stoking his ego to constantly keep him happy.

    1. Remember that Shirley doesn’t trust anyone. She may have opened a bit to those around her, but to open up to nobility or royalty? People of social status who made her like this 11 years ago? That’s a really tall order. Her parents hurt her, her fiancee hurt her even more. Even if Philia was young back then and didn’t do anything, Shirley’s heart was hurt and broken, then crushed and destroyed some more. Getting close again might be simply impossible now.

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      1. This is why when a new king or queen comes into power they pourge the court and any opposing noble.

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    If she was a bit smarter, she’d have tried to play the cards by trying to argue solely on the matter of breaching international boundaries and how it could hamper relationships with neighboring kingdoms that could try to ally themselves against the Empire if they thought their tax payers were going to be randomly abducted by the neighboring nation.

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      In regards to the kidnapping, if it came to light that the Empire was involved in state sponsored kidnapping, it *would* reduce their standing on the world stage. I shouldn’t use real world examples, but look at what happened with Saudi Arabia recently. Or the allegations of Russian operatives poisoning dissidents in England. It’s a sound argument, but unfortunately it won’t work on someone who isn’t of sound mind.

      You are right to a degree though, she hasn’t played her cards right from the beginning, but that’s likely because she has high emotional stakes in it.

      1. I’d personally argue that pissing somebody off that can solo a dragon king uninjured might not be the healthiest decision and could have something to do with the trail of magician corpses.
        I’m sure Phillia is a lovely young lady, but it’s rather clear that she might actually be just as bad at handling people as her brother. She simply has slightly differing weaknesses. She’s dumb enough to say inflammatory rhetoric to his face while he was at least smart enough to have been trying to keep his stupid ideas under his breath before being caught. She’s been attacking her “innocent” (as far as everything else goes she seems to actually care about her husband instead of trying to constantly manipulate him past that one major incident) sister in law politically long enough to brew a civil war.
        This problem seems like it could have been easily solved via giving them a long honeymoon and usurping the throne while they were away via her supposed competence.
        I started off writing this comment thinking that the two siblings were completely different but now I realize that they’re disturbingly similar.

        They’re both easily lead by their trust in a person they only knew for a short time. (She merely has the fortune of choosing the “correct” person since she’s MC)
        They both react angrily to anyone disparaging them even if it’s at the cost of their own goals/empire.
        They both internally cling to the flimsiest of evidence. The brother goes for the tears while the sister thinks anyone that read her a storybook when she was 6 is a perfect human being.
        They’re both willing to drag the empire into the mud over their feud/loyalty. She’s willing to end her imperial line as the fallout of a civil war while he’s willing to ignore the looming signs of a civil war because they’d rather focus on badmouthing his wife than giving some actual constructive criticism that won’t set him off (probably at the behest of the sister) since he does want to actually do a good job as emperor.

        1. You’re not wrong but the reason why she idolizes shirley isn’t because she read her that book. Its a fond memory she has of shirley. Considering she only been with her for a single year, she cherishes it even more.

          She wants to be like shirley, a noble honest figure. So she emulates what she believe shirley would be like.

          Also, upsurping the throne is not easy as you think it is.

          As dumb as the emperor is, hes not gonna lost his throne cause he leaves the captial for a bit.

          He already knows the princess is against him and his wife.

          Think about it, they have a yearly meeting with other nations, how is it he hasnt lost his throne to his sister yet?

          Cause he has nobles and retainers backing him up. Even tho he is their figure head, its easier to control an idiot than a self aware idiot.

          You literally would need to kill off the brother in a way that would garner support from both sides to be the ruler.

          Cause hey you killed the king and they can spin it anyway they like and justify killing you and becoming the next king.
          Or do something worse.

          1. It’s called hyperbole and (slight) exaggeration for the purpose of a joke. You aren’t supposed to seriously take that as the entirety of a legitimate plan to usurp a throne even if a working plan might be summarized like that if you leave out tons of details.
            He’s loved his wife and been faithfully monogamous for over a decade and you’re kinda speaking as if Philia is cherishing somebody counts as an argument. Her feelings count but his don’t? That’s silly. Shirley could have simply liked children like 99% of human beings. There is rarely a person that has been an irredeemable monster to the core. Shirley was going to be a bloodthirsty agent of genocide before the twins were born with a decent chance of actually killing Phillia in her swath of revenge. That doesn’t mean she’s evil. It also means that the person she places so much trust in could have easily been her murderer. Phillia clearly has an idealized (that is obviously going to be true since Shirley is the MC) vision of Shirley in her head that hasn’t remotely considered how normal parents would react to a kidnapping if hey had the weapons and ability to deal with the kidnappers. She’s supposed to care for the people yet she hasn’t once considered the devastation Shirley’s military strength alone could inflict. It’s basically a war except the victor won’t even care about rebuilding from the rubble. It’s a bunch of hypocrisy to present yourself as caring for the people while ignoring a clear disaster brewing.

            Why is only Albert to blame in Phillia’s mind when the nobles themselves ALL conspired to dispose of Shirley? She won’t stop aggravating Albert so that he’s in no mood to listen before bringing out the proper arguments yet she must have been capable of not angering all of those nobles she’s getting the backing of via not constantly accusing them of hurting Shirley. We even have a legitimate reason for usurping him that she can use RIGHT NOW. Publicly tell the nobles that Shirley an easily solo a dragon king and he’s trying to antagonize her via kidnapping. The nobles clearly have no small amount of power if he still has to deal with them and they have enough self interest to not want a calamity like Shirley going on a warpath through the kingdom. They know enough about the story of the hero to realize a Silver haired warrior with heterochromia attacking the Royalty would easily incite a revolution in the current climate. These people do not want to die. They want to keep their positions. They all know that everything right now is extremely precarious due to the looming civil war.

            What is deposing her as queen supposed to even do anyway? Albert would still do his best to spoil her rotten while being absolutely enraged at all the people that did so. Phillia is next in line anyway so all of the heir talk is stupid. They’re only in the current position because she didn’t do the smart thing and just realize that SHE is the heir. She’s lucky that he isn’t actually that clever and didn’t begin to basically strut her about as the broodmare for the line of succession and watch as the nobles formerly on her side are now fighting for a chance to be the next Emperor.

            Albert was even on the cusp of self examination and positive growth until Phillia shut down everything via antagonizing him. How many times has this happened before? He knows that she is more competent. If she had actually worked on her interpersonal skills she could have convinced him to step down or grant her power to prepare for when she inherits the throne since he is incapable of having an heir. Rather than have endless arguments, he could have taken her successes and learned from them. Albert still has a soft spot in his heart for her even while she’s blatantly been conspiring against and bad mouthing his wife for a decade straight even if he’s extremely tired of it. I mean, She’s been basically conspiring to have him killed for several years or at least willing to go that far. The fact that he even speaks to her says a bunch.
            She supposedly the greatest political maneuverer on the continent but doesn’t have the sense to be able to change the mind of a puppet king. Her brother is either her only weakness that makes her unable to think straight or the other princesses are stupid idiots.

      2. Uhm, I think the main problem is that she played her cards all wrong due to the emotional stakes! >.<

        Dunno about the RL comparison though, since like… Medieval times and stuff, while people are certainly wary of this kind of behavior, it doesn't have nearly as big repercussions as it has in modern times.

    2. The princess has had ten years to use reason with her idiot brother and has given up on it. We all have had conversations with stupid/stubborn people who can’t and won’t see other’s arguments. No matter what or different reasonings we provide, they ignore it because “they are right”…

      Also, when one view’s someone as stupid, isn’t there a preconceived idea that everything the person this is stupid and there for wrong? It’s like having a conversation with a flat earther, They actually think the earth is flat so therefore: all of their other logic is stupid and incorrect. We’ve all been there, and I’m sure that the princess is also there, “My bother is an idiot, so no matter how or what I say will have no effect, so I will just say what I want!”

      1. The problem is that she is dealing with someone in a position of power and really needs them to change the way they act.

        It’s like trying to convince your boss that one of the policies he decided for the company is bad in the long run, but you first start doing it by angering your boss as much as you can. It just doesn’t work, even if you think they are the most stupid person in the world, you are the one that wants the change and they are the one with the power to make the change, so you need to lower your head and talk calmly, carefully presenting your points with the best arguments you can provide without angering them.

        It’s by no means an easy thing to do, but it should be something that comes naturally for a princess… >.>

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    I kind of want a very slow and painful down fall of the idiot brother. Like the black lion king finds out and boycotts the empire or something and other countries follow. Maybe the golden witch could play some devious scheming role also, and then Shirely can unleash all of her revenge!!!!!

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  11. I think, there’s a plot hole in this chapter. “It was a chilly February day when she learned of the false conviction that had occurred whilst she and her parents were abroad.” She was framed on the day she was supposed to marry. Wouldn’t the emperor/father normally be there for the crown prince/son’s wedding (plus the rest of the family)?

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