Did You Know That a Playboy Can Change His Job to a Sage? – 06

The Playboy Recalls a Bitter Memory

The Heavenly Tower of Babel.

We’re still stuck wandering around on the second floor.

“We really should’ve been up on the third floor by now, but…”

“We can’t find it, huh~?”

Truth is, the inside of this tower changes forms quite regularly.

So, the stairs change position as well. Even if you cleared the floor once already, it’s basically completely different the next time you get there.

It’s a pain, but it does keep things fresh.

Tina and I walk side by side.

Since she’s a tank, she really should be out in front.

But since we’re still just on the second floor, not to mention my higher stats, this is fine for now.

Honestly, I’ll probably be the one walking in front of Tina soon.

Not that I know how long I’ll be partied up with this girl.

When I looked at her beside me, I caught her eyes and received a big smile.


“Was there something you wanted to say?”

Tina’s eyes seemed to dart towards my equipment.

“Dylan-san, you’re still wearing your tuxedo? Aren’t you going to change since you’re a sage now?”

“Ah. This tuxedo is actually really high-class gear, despite how it looks. It’s tougher than your armour.”

“Ehh!? Even though it looks so weak!?”

“Want to touch it?”

“But… It just feels normal…?”

“Then, want to try hitting it with a sword?”

“Fuaaah!? N-no, I can’t do something like that Dylan-san!”

“I don’t mind. Wanna do it?”

“O-okay, I got it.”

Tina drew her longsword.

“Then, please excuse me…”

She poked at my clothes with her sword.

“You’re not really going to see it like that… Come on, really get in there.”

“Is that really okay!? Really!?”

“It’s fine. Even if you managed to wound me, I have potions and we’re close to the clinic on the first floor.”

“Okay… If you’re saying I should go that far… Ei!”

Tina thrust the sword hard. It might have actually been enough to kill a goblin, that stab.

But, I’m fine.

“No way!?”

“See? Can’t cut it, can you?”

Tina pulled up my shirt without permission and inspected it for herself.

“It’s trueeeeeeeee!!”

“There’s some armour involved, but the biggest deal is ‘Blessing of the Gods’.”

“The gods are great!”

“I want to say I found it in a chest on the… 78th floor?”

“78th floor!!?? That’s amazing! The gods are great, but Dylan-san is as weeeeeeeeeell!”

Tina excitedly jumps up and down while she still holds onto my shirt. It’s chilly.

“If you’ve got it, let’s get going. My stomach is getting cold.”


Tina’s face seems to betray that she just noticed what she was actually doing.

Then, she stared at my muscles.


Her face slowly turned red, then she let go of the shirt and looked at the ground, twirling her fingers in her hands.

“Um… Sorry…”

“N-no, it’s nothing.”

“…….(Twirl twirl).”

I said, don’t worry about it.

If she gets that embarrassed, it’s gonna rub off on me as well… I’m a jester so I’m used to people seeing me in the nude, but this is a little…

Tina’s reaction is too innocent, I don’t know what to do…

“Let’s go.”

“Ye… Yesh…!”

Her voice sounds a little weird. So pure-hearted.

Jeez. I sighed.

When I was in a party that managed to stand before the Almighty King, I received confessions from the three girls in the party ー that is, every member of the party ー at the same time and things got really messy.

Inevitably the party had to break up. It was pretty bad.

Partycrusher, Playboy, all sorts of pretty bad rumours got going about me after that.

Those girls back then were just as innocent as she is.

Tina is still walking next to me, her red face focused on the ground.

“…Hey, you okay?”

“Ehh!? W-what do you mean!?”

“You don’t have to say you’re fine if you’re not, you know.”

“I-I’m not faking anything!? J-j-j-just seeing a man’s stomach isn’t enough to get me all worked up!?”

It totally is. It totally is enough.

“You know, there’s a lot of adventurers who barely wear anything at all. If you get all embarrassed about this, you’re going to have a tough time.”

“T-that’s true…! It’s just… If it’s other people I don’t really mind, but when…”

“Oh, a goblin.”



We ran into a goblin in the middle of whatever it was Tina was saying. Tina seemed to be pretty pissed off about being interrupted and really went all out on that poor goblin.

With her shield, she ground it into the wall. Ehh… Isn’t that a bit much…

“I don’t mind if it’s other people, but when it’s Dylan-san I…”

“Oh, another Goblin.”



Tina stabbed straight through the goblin’s neck with the point of her shield.

Eh… Is this really fine…?

I’m a little worried now.

“Fu… That surprised me… I’ve still got a lot to learn if I keep getting surprised by goblins…”

Tina took deep breaths as she held her chest.

I pretended not to notice her tits bounce up and down with every deep breath she took. They look soft.

Even though tanks are supposed to be such hard and sturdy guys, she looks softer than anyone.

Tina sees me watching her and smiles.

“I’m all better!”

“O-oh, is that so.”

Does she even need that longsword? Is what I wanted to say.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

I’m so happy!

I’m really glad!

I’m super excited!

With such happiness I, Tina, walked!

When I saw Dylan-san perform back in town, I felt an electric shock run through my body!

Love at first sight! Fate! I can’t be wrong! My whole body froze up when I saw him!

Later on, some weird guys gave me some bad medicine and I couldn’t move! It was a big pinch! But Dylan-san saved me! Because of my luck! Maybe!

Now Dylan-san is next to me! We’re going to go to the top of the tower together!

It’s amazing!

Ah, I want this to last forever…!

I thought about that when I walked next to Dylan-san――

“It’s strange…”

“It’s really weird!”

No matter how long we searched, we couldn’t find the stairs!”

What’s worse, the stairs to the first floor were gone as well!

It’s really weird!

But, I’m still happy!

“Even though it’s so strange, why…”

“What’s wrong!?”

“Why do you look like you’re having so much fun?”

“Ahahaー! I don’t know what you’re talking aboutー!? It’s all just your imaginationー!”

One hour later.

We’re still on the second floor.

“This is really weird!”

“It is pretty strange, huh…?”

As we said that, I thought to myself ‘maybe it would be best if this didn’t last forever’.

Then, suddenly a staircase appeared.



There’s no way, right?

Not even with EX-rank luck, right?

Heavenly Tower of Babel, you’re kinda scary!



Aww yeah POV changes, this novel has everything

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  1. “I’m a jester so I’m used to people seeing me in the nude” … Sorry, what?

      1. Probably oughta’ mention that the whole story basis of a jester becoming a sage is a Dragon Quest reference too, if you weren’t already aware.

  2. Wow, if that’s what an EX luck does, she’s more OP than the protagonist.
    Did Dylan’s Jester side effect get cured? He seems more normal than the first few chapter..

  3. “I’m a jester so I’m used to people seeing me in the nude”

    What does this author think Jesters do?? o_O;

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