Did You Know That a Playboy Can Change His Job to a Sage? – 05

The Playboy Gets Too Much Service


Tina yelled with gusto.

And her long sword cleaved the goblin in two.

The Heavenly Tower Babel.

We climbed the stairs from the first floor and emerged onto the second.

The second layer stretched out into a simple maze.

From here on out, monsters will appear.

During our first encounter, I watched Tina from the sidelines.

Since we were in the same party, I wanted to get a handle on Tina’s abilities.

She’s confronted by three goblins.

Tina is a warrior.

Just like she said, she seems to be proud in her role as a tank. She has that gift, after all.

She’s small and her body is light. So I was wondering if it was going to be difficult for her, but it seems like I was worried for nothing. “My chest…”, the person in question said herself, with a dark face.

It must be hard if it’s so big…

Tina’s equipped in light dress armour.

On her torso, she wears a small amount of chainmail above her chest and as for her waist, she has equipped plate faulds.

She wears gauntlets and shoulder pads on her arms.

She wears boots that run all the way up to her thigh.

For a warrior, it’s quite patchworked. An adventurer who is meant to act the part of a tank should be covered head to toe in armour. Because of the benefits of their job, they won’t feel the weight of the gear at all.

Tina’s weapon is a long sword held in her right hand.

And on her left, a large shield.

It is a triangular shield with rounded edges that almost seems too big for her.

Since Tina is so small, she could probably hide her entire body with that thing if she curled up behind it.

As I say it, she used the shield to guard against a goblin’s hand axe.

“Take this!”

Parrying with the shield, she thrust with the longsword.

The tip tore through the goblin’s neck and it died.



The two remaining goblins attacked Tina at the same time.


Tina smashed the second goblin with her shield.

playboy 08

Even if she’s a girl, you can’t make light of a level 10 warrior’s strength. Honestly, when it comes to adventurers, there’s not really any real strength difference between the two genders.


As if running headlong into a boulder, the goblin that had run at her with a knife was repelled easily.

On her right flank, the other goblin swung at her with a club.

Tina deftly jumped backwards to avoid it. Then, she used the shield as a counterweight to turn on the spot as she planted her landing. She has pretty good movement after all.

After completing her twirl, she readied herself and launched into a shield tackle.

Again, don’t make light of a level 10 warrior’s strength. Eating a rushing attack like that head-on, it’s like getting hit by a runaway carriage.

The goblin is slow to react. From his point of view, all you would see is a large shield getting closer and closer. Tina, hidden by that big shield, wouldn’t even be in sight.

The goblin threw his club at Tina’s feet in desperation. He probably didn’t think hard about it, but it’s not a bad idea.

Since Tina wouldn’t be able to see properly with the shield in the way, it would be hard to react to a club being thrown at her feet.

Even if she doesn’t fall over from it, getting hit in the foot by a weapon could definitely stunt her momentum. The goblin could potentially avoid death that way.

But Tina lowered her shield at just the right moment to deflect the cudgel.

Oh dear. It’s like he’s completely frozen in place staring at that shield.

And like that, she continues to rush down the goblin――



And he was smashed straight into the opposite wall.

Being flung into the wall like that probably cracked the goblin’s skull and ruptured its internal organs. As it writhed on the ground pitifully, Tina finished it off with a stroke of her sword to the neck.

I see.

She’s quite brilliant.

Her shield work is outstandingly good.

I was a bit worried about her ability to fulfil the role of a tank considering how lightly armoured she was, but Tina is amazing at blocking and parrying enemy attacks using her shield. She’s quite a rare breed.

“How’s thatー! Dylan-saaan! Did I do well!?”

Tina turned around and smiled at me, she seems to be in good cheer.

I took out the pack of cards from my breast pocket.



I threw one of them at Tina.

The card that I threw curled around Tina and lodged itself in the brain of the other goblin who was still very much alive, as it was trying to get up to attack her.

“Don’t get cocky like that.”

“Uwaaah! That was dangerous!!”

Tina looked at the fallen goblin behind her in shock. Dear, oh dear.

“Somehow, I think I understand why you haven’t had much luck with parties until now.”

“Ehhh!? W-well I got caught off guard a little there, but that doesn’t always happenー!”


“Really really really!”

At least she’s still spirited.

With a sound like deflating air, the goblin disappeared and a small manastone of dark blue appeared.

When you defeat a monster, it will leave behind a manastone.

Manastones can be sold for cash or used for items and equipment.

It’s easy to tell the quality of a manastone by how brightly coloured it is.

Depending on the strength of the monster, the colours can go up from blue -> yellow -> red.

A gigantic manastone that glows with a red colour is the most valuable there is.

What we’ve got here is the exact opposite. It’s small and a dull shade of blue. Well, it’s just a goblin after all.

I put the manastone in my bag. Manastones and items that are taken as drops can be distributed afterwards.

“Anyways, I think I get it now, Tina.”

“Oho, you finally understand!”

“What are you getting such a big nose for? Yeah. Well, you definitely seem like a level 10. Your style of tanking is quite rare though. The same goes for the way you move.”

“That’s right! I tried out lots and lots of different stuff, but this fighting style was just the right fit for me!”

“But, if the tank is constantly moving around and dodging like that, won’t it leave your teammates exposed?”

“That’s… right… That’s why I’m always…”

Tina seemed to be apologetic about something.

“If you know that much, then why?”

The armour that she wears on her arms and legs seems to be quite sturdy and covers her well.

But of course, when it comes to the rest of her body, there’s a rather large gap in her defense.

“Umm… Full body armour is really expensive…”

Being an adventurer can be costly to get into at the start. I know that myself.

“My… Um… There isn’t any armour that… fits me…”

Tina looked at me as she tried to hide her chest with a hand. Her face is a brilliant shade of red.

Ah… Because she’s so short, there’s no armour for her height that can also fit her chest…

Honestly, saying that, they really are huge. I’m pretty sure they’re bigger than Tina’s head.

“I think I understand now. It’s been hard going until now, right…?”


Tina sobbed just once.


Then, she raised her fist.

“Now Dylan-san and I are a party! I can save money and get a suit of armour custom built just for me!”

“Ohh, do your best.”

“I’ll do it!!”

It’s nice to have a dream.

Now then.

“Next up is my turn.”


Tina looked confused.

I shuffled the cards as I walked, then drew one from the top.

An Ace.

“You showed me your power, Tina, so I should return the favour.”

I threw the card.

It flew into the shadows and cut straight through the neck of a goblin that lurked there, aiming its bow at me.

Blood gushed from its neck as it fell.

“Eh, eh?”

Tina seemed a bit taken aback.

“We’re only on the second floor, but even here there are still going to be ambushes. Be careful.”

“Woooow! Amazing! How did you know it was there!?”

“Hmm, a presence? Intuition?”

“I didn’t know you had a skill like that!”

“Well, I was originally a jester after all… A performer is always aware when the audience is watching him.”


It doesn’t feel bad to be told that. Though, what happened next is a bit of a concern.

I made a heel turn on the spot and flowers of light bloomed around me.


I take a few light steps and take Tina’s hand.

A garden of flowers as if out of a fantasy world bloom in light and colour around us.

As the petals fell around us, I led her in a dance.

Tina’s body is wrapped in light.

“Wawawa! What is this light!? My body doesn’t feel as tired anymore!”

“It’s the effect of the dance.”

“The flowers are so pretty!!”

“Until some monster comes to trample on it.”

I hadn’t intended to start it, but I find myself enjoying the dance.

As I held Tina close, she looked at me feverishly.

Having such a beautiful girl (not that I’d say it) stare at me like that, I was a little embarrassed.


I turned my back to her, covering my face with my hat.

“…Too much service.”

“That was really coooooooooooooool!”

“Thank you.”

“But Dylan-san, you’re using magic tricks even though you changed your job!?”

“Of course. Because I can still use the techniques from the previous job, that’s why job switching is so valuable.”

As I said that, I picked up the bow goblin’s stone.

“I see!”

And placed it in my bag.

“That’s enough for a fried chicken.”

“Ah, Dylan-san, do you like fried chicken? So do I! Mmmm, but barbequed chicken is great as well! Especially with a mug of ale!”

“Are you some kind of old man?”

I played the straight man with a laugh.

Partying with this energetic little warrior might actually be a little fun.



Actually, I’m just going to use ‘Dylan-san’ because I’m too lazy. I’ve already gone back and edited the previous chapters as well.

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