Did You Know That a Playboy Can Change His Job to a Sage? – 04

The Playboy will Change his Job

“And so, somehow…”

I falter a little as the words come out.

“I’m Tina Panetta! A level 10 warrior! I’m forming a party with Dylan-san!”

Tina introduced herself with a shout.


I sighed as I stood on top of the table.

The people around me are starting to get noisy.

“Is that true, Dylan!?”

“But wait, what about The Resplendent Lords…!?”

I get what they’re trying to say.

If an adventurer came back to his old haunt like this, you’d expect him to join up with his former party members.

Better yet if it was that ultimate party I was part of before I was picked to join the ‘Heroes’.

“――The Resplendent Lords!”

“The The Resplendent Lords are backー!”

Speak of the devil.

I looked at the entrance from my perch on the table.

And sure enough, a group of four majestically equipped adventurers in red armour and cloaks swept into the room.

‘The Resplendent Lords’ was the party that had advanced the farthest through the tower during my time here.

Two men who were warriors, alongside two girls, a priest and a mage.

When they all noticed me, the leader approached.

This guy’s name is Mikhail.

It’s one of those situations where ‘the face matches the name’, I’d wager. Long flowing blonde hair, a face as beautiful as any woman’s, it’s so damn unfair. What an asshole.

When I was in this party, all sorts of things happened with this guy.

“Dylan, you’ve returned?”


I stepped off the table and stood in front of Mikhail.

We both raised our right hands… And slapped each other a high-five.

“You’re alive, huh!?”

“You guys as well! I figured some Hydra would have done you in ages ago!!”

” “A-ha ha ha ha!” ”

We linked arms and laughed.

Of course, it’s a farce.

Sorry about being cold, but this is all just part of playing the part of the jester.

Oh, but since Mikhail is actually like this normally, please don’t think too badly of him.

The people who watched the farce were astonished.

“Mikhail of The Resplendent Lords has forgiven Dylan!”

” “Ooooooooooooooooooooooh!” ”

It didn’t take too long for word to start spreading.

“Amazing, Dylan and Mikhail are having such a pleasant chat…!”

“I guess those rumours about them falling out were a lie after all!”

It seems like some strange rumours have gotten around, but I left the party on a pretty peaceful note.

It was ‘to defeat the demon king’, after all…

“What’s up, Dylan? What happened to the party with the heroes!?”

Mikhail asked me that as soon as he sat down, sipping some of the ale that one of his companions brought over.

To put it simply,

“I got fired.”

“Ahahaha! Fired!? Did you flirt with the girls in the party one too many times?”

“No way, I’m not interested in that frigid nun and that bitchy noblewoman.”

As I vented, Mikhail clapped me on the shoulder.

“Oi oi, I’m a noble myself, y’know.”

“AhーMy apologies, Mister Fifth Son of a Rundown Noble House.”

“Ha ha ha!”

Blondie laughed and so did I.

This guy hasn’t changed at all, huh?

Food was brought to our table one dish after another, soon it looked like a full banquet in front of us.

Tina sat next to me, her eyes shining as she listened to Mikhail and I swap stories. She sure is innocent.

Honestly, I want to climb the tower and change jobs straight away, but it can’t be helped.

Including Mikhail, The Resplendent Lords are made up of four people.

It’s pretty common for parties meaning to climb the tower to consist of four members.

Behind Mikhail a sturdy and huge guy stands silently, he’s a warrior as well.

“Gotz, it’s been a while.”

“―― (Gulp)”

He’s a bit shy, but he’s not a bad guy. I actually quite like him. I can tell by the atmosphere that he likes me back. Yep, he hasn’t changed either.

And, there was a woman dressed as a priest who I didn’t recognize sitting where I’d carved my name.

A beautiful woman with deep blue eyes.

As soon as I thought that, my hand was already touching her glass.

Or rather, I touched her fingers that held that glass.

“――Excuse my manners, but your eyes are so beautiful and lovely, I find myself lost in them.”

Ah, it happened again.

As I wear a smile on my face, I curse the ‘jester’ part of my mind. Please stop bothering me with this crap.

The next moment, I got to fully enjoy the contents of that glass.

From two directions.

In front, the priestess threw the contents of the glass into my smiling face.

And from the side, the mage emptied the contents of her mug on my head in anger.

I turned and spoke to the mage.

“…Amy, long time no see.”

“‘Long time no see’ my assssssssss!!”

Amy’s a mage.

When I was still training as a rookie jester, she was the target of all the things my body did and said unconsciously.

Really, I’m sorry.

I had apologized over and over and eventually convinced Mikhail and the rest that it was a side-effect of my job, but…

“That habit of yours is as bad as ever! You stupid playboy!”

It’s not my fault, but it’s treated like my fault… Yep, it’s for things like this that I really want to get out of the whole jester business.

“So, you must be the jester Dylan. My name is Shiva. It’s nice to meet you.”

The priestess who had just emptied her glass into me smiled. Such a pleasant smile for someone whose fault it is I smell like alcohol now. She’s a scary woman. Actually, women are scary in general.

“Ha ha, nice to meet you.”

I answered, forcing a smile.

“So, Dylan. Are you going to climb the tower again?”

Mikhail popped the question.

I nodded.

“Yeah. I’m thinking about changing jobs and starting over from the beginning.”

” “Change your job!?” ”

The adventurers who were eavesdropping all turned around to look with a clattering of chairs.

Because of all the attention, I tried to ease the tension by taking a pack of cards from my breast pocket and starting to shuffle them as I explained.

“I’m done with being a jester. I’m always just the glue for some party, but I’m sick of it.”

Every party I’ve ever been in, I’ve had to play a supporting role both in and out of battle.

Magic tricks are pretty versatile, but you can never strike a finishing blow with them.

Basically, a jester is just an assistant.

But, doesn’t this just contradict the name of the job?

It’s in a jester’s nature to want to be the one that stands out the most.

Why is it that when I take my show to the streets I’m the leading role, but during battle I’m stuck in the supporting cast? I’m tired of it.

I became level 99. I reached the height of being a jester. I thought that would cure my dissatisfaction.

But, nothing changed.

I pulled off the top card from my shuffled deck. It’s a Jack. An image of the man who swears fealty to some king.

From here on out, I’m going to be the one in charge.

The Jack burned away, another card appearing in its place.

Not a playing card, but a tarot. The card of the sage.

“I’m going to become a sage.”

” “Wha――――” ”

The people around us have a sharp intake of breath.

The time right before the surprise of the audience explodes, this is the most enjoyable part of the performance.

I puffed out my chest, ready to receive the shock and awe of the crowd.

” “Huh?” ”

“That’s exactly riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight….!?”

I fell over.

From beside me, I heard the scream of surprise that I wanted from the rest of the adventurers.

It was just Tina.


“Dylan-san! You’re really going to stop being a jester!?”

Huh, didn’t I already tell her?

“Oi, Dylan. Who is that girl anyway?”

Mikhail asked.

“I’m Tina Panetta! A level 10 warrior! I’m forming a party with Dylan-san!”

Tina repeated that same greeting, I don’t think she changed a single word.

She grabbed my arm and shook it strongly.

“But, but, Dylan-san! If you change your job, won’t you lose all your stats!? Are you really going to do it!?”

The adventurers around me nod and agree.

“I don’t care.”


“I’m finished with being a jester. 一Are you prepared to party with me, knowing I’ll be starting from the beginning?”

“But, but, it’s such a waste!”

The adventurers around me nod and agree.

“It’s fine. When the party full of heroes and I failed to defeat the demon king―― No, the moment I left The Resplendent Lords, the jester known as Dylan died.”

Man, I’m cool.

About half of the adventurers seemed to be convinced.

But, Tina doesn’t get it.

“Uuu, but, it’s such a shame…”

“Then, will you break up the party? Even if I don’t quite understand the flow of events that led to it forming in the first place…”

“I won’t!!”

Tina shouted.

“Didn’t you feel like it was fate! Even if Dylan-san becomes a level 1 sage, I’ll still protect you!”

In that way, she pounded her massive chest.


“Great speech, missy!”

“The playboy’s time has finally come…”

Can you stop jabbering on like we’re in some kind of relationship? It’s not like that at all, you know? Despite being like this, I’m actually a perfect gentleman.

“Choosing a child like that… Dylan, you idiot…”

Amy seems to be pissed off. She’s always angry, though. She hasn’t changed at all~. Anyways, Mikhail likes you. Hurry up and notice already.


“I don’t need you to protect me.”

I told that to Tina. But,

“Please don’t worry about it! I may look like this, but I actually have the gift of being a tank! I can block any kind of attack! …Until the third floor.”

You should have left the last part out. Honestly.

What a pain, I sighed, then felt a hard hand clap onto my shoulder.

As I turned around, Mikhail’s bright smile filled my vision.

“Take responsibility.”

What the hell do you mean?

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Heavenly Tower Babel.

The first floor.

The tower is incredibly wide.

The floors and the ceiling are pure white, looking like they continue on forever.

I don’t know if there’s some kind of magic at play, but it seems infinitely wider than what you’d judge looking at it from the outside. I guess it has to be. It’s frankly impossible space. It’s wider than the city surrounding the tower. Honestly, it’s probably about the size of a country.

It really does feel like Babel was created in the time of the gods. It’s pretty convincing.

And, this is just the first floor.

There aren’t any monsters here.

Instead, there are many important facilities.

Like the oracle that grants jobs.

It’s here that adventurers are given their jobs and entrusted with gifts.

Such things are chosen by the gods.

Irrespective of will.

A person can’t change their job until they’ve reached level 20.

There are only six basic kinds of jobs.


・Martial Artist





Those are the six.

Even if you want to change your job, you can only choose one of those six.

That’s how it usually is.

“Umm… ‘When a jester reaches level 99, they can change jobs to the hidden job ‘Sage”. Wow, it really is written in here! That’s amazing!”

Tina read a piece of paper I gave her, jumping up and down on the spot.

Those tits of hers that are a complete mismatch for her height are almost falling out of her armour, but I’ll pretend I didn’t see it.

“I only heard about it through rumour. I honestly didn’t think it was true at first. But, well, if there’s even a chance… I guess we’ll see.”

“Eh~, I’m sure it’ll be fine! I’m sure, ’cause my luck state is really high, y’know!”

Tina said, then showed me her adventurer license.


Tina Panetta

Warrior Lv10

Strength E

Endurance E+

Dexterity G

Magic F

Luck EX

Gifted Talent: Tank


I don’t think your stats are really relevant here…

Wait, hang on, isn’t EX luck really damn high!?

“…You shouldn’t show people your stats casually like that. It might be dangerous.”

“But, it’s just Dylan-san! I don’t mind if you see them!”

I pretend not to notice her breasts swinging back and forth.

Whilst we talked about things like that, we made our way to the oracle.

Imagine a city’s church. It’s pretty close.

Inside is not a priest, but a goddess.

“Welcome back, my children.”

She smiled.

Phew, she sure is a beauty. Divinely so.

Well, that makes sense. She’s a goddess, after all.

Even the jester inside me seems to be a bit intimidated, since I’m not getting the urge to seduce her.

Without the side-effect of my job affecting me, I knelt in front of the goddess. Tina stood in the back and waited.

“I know full well why you come before me today.”


“You’ve worked hard up until now, Jester Dylan Albertini.”

“Thank you very much.”

“I shall grant thee a new power.”

My body was wrapped in light.

A sense of my very cells being rewritten.

It was like I was being turned inside out.

An indescribable mix of pain and pleasure, I was wrapped in it for what felt like hours… Then, I opened my eyes.

I felt like hours, but it was really only an instant.

The beautiful figure of the goddess was before my eyes.

Those dazingly beautiful eyes… Why did they look so surprised?

“Y-you…! This is wonderful, just wonderous. I’ve not beheld a child like you in centuries. Ah, such a child, you must be beloved by the gods.”

“Eh? Eh?”

“Or perhaps… It was the child who accompanies you, who bears such luck.”

“Hah? Heeeh?”

“Seeing is believing. Now, close your eyes and behold your new power.”

She means to look at my stats.

I closed my eyes like she said and cast my thoughts to my stats.

Since I changed my jobs and became level 1, I should be exceptionally weak, even weaker than Tina over there――.


I yelled despite myself.

“Go forth, my child. May the story of your life be a blessed one.”

We left the oracle and I got a new adventurers license and identification from the guild. I had to make sure there wasn’t some kind of mistake.

Tina and I made sure to get into a corner so no one could peak, then we read what it said on my license.


Dylan Albertini

Great Sage Lv1

Strength S

Endurance S+

Dexterity S

Magic EX

Luck E

Gifted Talent: The Love of Theatrics


Tina’s eyes rolled back into her head and she collapsed.

I held her up before she fell to the ground.

She shook her head and came back to her senses.


She yelled like that and hugged me.

She had trouble wrapping her arms around me for obvious reasons.

But, Tina then backed away and looked at it again.

“Aren’t these stats insanely high!! It’s like you didn’t reset your levels at all!?”

“Ah, yeah, you’re right. I don’t really get it either.”

“And what’s this!? This ‘Great Sage’ thing!? I’ve never heard of it!?”

“Ah, yeah, you’re right. I don’t really get it either.”

“And what’s this!? Everything else is S or EX, but for some reason, Luck is E! E, you know!”

“Ah, yeah, you’re right. I don’t really get it either ―― And stop saying it in such a loud voice!”

It was pretty bad luck I had to form a party with heroes like that. It makes sense.

“But, it’s okay, Dylan-san!”

The little warrior thrust out her license.

“I’ll be your luck!”

She said that with a big smile.

This girl is kind of scary in a couple of ways, but I have to admit, she can be pretty cute.

The Hermit tarot card is known as The Sage in Japan. I think. High quality TL btw.

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