The Villainess Will Crush Her Destruction End Through Modern Firepower – 2

The Villainess Receives Home Tutoring


A tutor came to the mansion of the villainess.

I am Astrid-Sophie von Oldenburg, four years old.

However, my current plans are very different from that of a typical four-year-old.

I want to study magic intensely! I want to train! I want to crush that destruction end!

“Father, father.”

I knocked on the door of my father’s study with a little tap-tap.

“What is it, Astrid?”

“Father ♪ I have something to ask ♪”

I told him with an angelic smile. I’ve been working on my cute little girl act.

Yep, with such a cute smile from such a cute daughter who is still only four years old, father is knocked out with one hit! I didn’t even show a hint of my real dark intentions, as I smiled at father like a devil wearing an angel’s mask.

My father’s name is Paul-Hans von Oldenburg. As the ruler of the Duchy of Oldenburg, he is also employed as the Minister for Post and Communication. And he’s exceptionally proud of his daughter.

How could a big shot like this have his family exiled just because I happened to bully the heroine a little? Father should have raised a flag in revolt and started a civil war. Father is friends with all the powerful nobles. This country still relies on feudal levies.

Well, it won’t do me any good to complain about the game’s setting!

“Father, I want to study and train magic, no matter what!”

“Astrid… We already talked about this. All this talk of studying and training magic, you should wait until you attend school. For now, it’s more important that you learn other things, like manners.”

Ugh. It seems like my angelic smile plan didn’t work…

Father seems to be stubborn about this ‘learn magic at school’ thing. Until I enter the academy, he wants me to learn proper etiquette, so that I don’t embarrass myself as a noble.

But, I won’t give up just like that.

“Father, if I study magic, there are three advantages.”

“What would those be?”

I raise three fingers and explain as if I’m trying to sell someone a mobile phone plan.

“First. You want me to learn manners so that I do not embarrass the family at school, but won’t I be even more of a source of shame if I have poor grades? In order to not disgrace the family, starting study early is important. That’s one.”

“That’s… Well, that’s true.”

Father nodded as I told him.

“And, if I can already show ability before enrolling, I will be made an honour student. If I’m recognized as excellent even amongst the sons and daughters of the other nobility, father’s reputation in the Imperial Court will be enhanced. That’s two.”

“I see. When Astrid says she wants to study magic, she’s really thinking about me. You’re making your father very happy.”

Huhu. As expected of me. My speech hits the mark. Just one more push.

And, finally. I know that I have a talent for magic.”

“Ah, yes, you were given a magical test at birth.”

In this world, once a baby stops crying, their magical aptitude is tested. My magical power is unprecedented, and my parents were relieved about their daughter’s secure future.

“If I polish my talent from an early age, I could become an Archmage, let alone a court magician. I could even save this country in a time of crisis if I develop my power. If I can reproduce flechettes I’ll be able to tear enemies apart or heal the royal family when they’re sick, the duke’s fame will grow rapidly.”

“Somehow, I thought I heard something really awful just now.”

“It’s your imagination.”

Oops. My honest desires leaked out.

“Anyways, those are the three advantages of learning magic. What do you think?”

I ask my father, smiling like an angel again.

“Alright. However, you have to be taught by a professional teacher. Until he arrives, please behave. You have very high magical power, so if you try and do it alone you might end up injuring yourself.”

“Yes! I understand, father! I love you!”

Hah… I managed to break through that obstacle.

Since father promised to look for a teacher soon, I’ll wait patiently.



“I am your new magic tutor, Wolf von Wrangel. I look forward to working with you, Lady Astrid.”

“I am very pleased to make your acquaintance.”

Having earned a doctorate from the post-graduation program at Saint Satanachia Magical Academy, and was currently tutoring to earn money during a gap between research papers.

I was a little worried since he was still a young man, but since he was picked by father there shouldn’t be any problem. Besides, he was a tutor with real-world magical experience. I’ll forcibly squeeze every last drop of information I can get from him.

“Lady Astrid, do you know that there are two kinds of magic?”

“Elemental and Blood magic, right?”

In this world, magic is split into two different categories.

“That’s right. Elemental magic manipulates the four spirits of water, fire, wind and earth. For example, water elemental magic lets you control water, like this.”

As he said that, water began to fill the empty teacup.

…It’s so plain. So unbelievably plain.

“Can the water spirit not do anything other than produce water?”

“Basically only water, but through effort, you can do the same for other liquids. Wine, cocoa, things like that were researched by my coworkers, and they also managed to produce a black liquid that burned.”

“Burning black liquid…!”

It had to be oil. If it really is oil, I had to get my hands on it.

“Anyways, let’s go back to the lesson. Elemental magic works by channelling the corresponding spirit. But, blood magic does not require a spirit. Because, in a sense, it’s more like a curse.”

Blood magic. Even the name makes you feel threatened.

“Blood magic is used to directly influence the human body. Whilst it can be used to heal someone, it can also be used to harm them. It’s even possible to damage someone’s soul.”

“By damaging their soul, you mean to interfere with the brain, right?”

“Hm? What do you mean? A person resides within their soul.”

Whilst I was excitedly imagining certain things, Wolf pointed to his chest.

Ah. I see. People in this world don’t understand that a person’s consciousness is caused by chemical reactions in the brain? However, I think I can use this magic. Recover my wounds, draw out my strength, improve my reflexes…

“Mr Wolf. Is it possible to raise your physical abilities using blood magic?”

“Yes. It is possible. There are certain knights that use blood magic to raise their strength for battle. Various adventurers and mercenaries also learn blood magic to do the same.”

So that’s how it is. Did everyone have the same idea?

“There are many things that we don’t yet understand about blood magic. For now, let’s learn the elemental magic that is very well understood and taught.”

Ehh… I but I really like the idea of that blood magic. I wanna to boost my abilities to superhuman levels.

“Is there something wrong?”

“No. I was just thinking about something.”

Well, whatever. Let’s just learn elemental magic for now. There’s potential in elemental magic to produce modern weapons.

But what’s there not to understand, it’s just tampering with your body…

Is what I thought at that time.

“It would be better to train elemental magic outdoors. In the room, things might get messy.”


It would be no joke if fire or water elemental magic got out of control indoors.

So, Mr Wolf and I went outside.

“Then, for now, let’s try and call on a water spirit. Please imagine strongly imagine water. Drinking water, bath water, water from a pond. Please fix such an image of water into your mind. Do you understand?”

“Umm… Somehow…”

Magic really is something, though.

I just imagined water. Water, drinking water, cold water, H20, a pool…


“That’s enough! That’s enough already, Lady Astrid!”

And, as I was concentrating, Mr Wolf cried out in terror.

Before my eyes, a mass of water 3 meters in diameter was in front of me!

“Awawawa… W-what do I do, Mr Wolf!?”

“Please stop it! Stop imagining water, and think of nothingness!”

As I worried what to do with this ever-growing mass of water, Mr Wolf shouted in a hurry.

Nothingness. Emptiness. I closed my eyes to pure darkness.

“That’s fine, Lady Astrid.”

As I heard Mr Wolf’s relieved voice, I opened my eyes to see the mass of water faded away.

“Wow… I could get used to magic like this!”

“Although you’re still some way off controlling the water spirits fully, Astrid really does have extraordinary magical talent. I am sure the duke is very proud of such a talented daughter as well.”

Ehh… Even if you praise me now… Just making a blob of water isn’t going to help me make guns.

“Next, let’s call on the fire spirits. Please, just imagine fire just like before. Imagine a fireplace, the flames of the stove, just hot flames.”


Fire. Flame. The fire from a high explosive tank shell. The sea of flames created by thermobaric weapons. I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

“Uwaaaah! That’s dangerous, Lady Astrid! Please stop!”

“Uwaaaah! What’s this!?”

Before my eyes was a magnificent fireball of a similar size to the water from before. It’s so vividly real, I can feel the heat on my face. Wait, if I don’t stop this from spreading, isn’t it going to burn down the mansion?

I closed my eyes and imagined nothingness again. Nothingness. Emptiness. Absolutely darkness.

As I opened my eyes, the fireball that could have destroyed the mansion had disappeared. The only traces that remained were the burned patch of lawn and the slightly darkened roof of the covered exterior hallway that linked two buildings on the estate.

No, actually, I burned them quite badly… Is father going to be cross…?

“Really… I never expected you to be able to use magic like this on your first day of lessons. Even a battle mage would need several years of training to create a fireball that big…”

Perhaps it was my imagination, but I think I might have noticed something.

Mr Wolf’s examples were fires that you’d find in a stove or a fireplace. Whereas, I imagined flames of HE shells, thermobaric bullets and napalm. The firepower is completely different.

“Does thinking about different things change anything?”

“If you say something like that Lady Astrid, does that mean you’ve seen such a large fireball before?”

I have! I saw them on the net and on DVDs!

“Um… I saw one in a dream once…”

“Oh, really? So you can even reproduce what you’ve seen in your dreams. This is indeed a new discovery…”

Sorry, Mr Wolf. Even if I told you, you wouldn’t believe me, so just accept that explanation for now.

“Getting back to it, the spirit of wind is next. Please imagine the wind. The spring breeze and the breaking storm.”

This teacher seems to have some unexpected balls. I thought after making that fireball, lessons for the day would surely be called off. But, it’s nice that he has balls. Thanks to you, I can train my magic even more!

I imagined. The wind of an electric fan. The wind of an air conditioner. The downwash of a helicopter. The exhausts of a fighter jet.

In the next moment, I felt a calm wind all around me.

“Very well done, Lady Astrid. You have now used three different spirits. It’s hard to imagine this is your first-day studying magic.”

“B-but, this isn’t as powerful as before, is it?”

In my imagination, I had imagined wind powerful enough to take me off my feet…

“Perhaps if you had actually imagined a storm, but I think it’s better to keep it to this extent for now. Because controlling magic relies on developing your magical powers, not just your imagination. Let’s go over the control method in detail tomorrow.”

Okay. I don’t think that I can make a fighter jet or a missile fly just with the wind power of a storm, so I might have to think of something else.

“Now, let’s call on the spirit of the earth. However for Lady Astrid, it would be easy to simply create a clump of dirt, so please try and imagine it into a form. What do you think? Can you do it?”

“I can do it!”

When he talks of the earth, he must be thinking about the soil below their feet.

But, I was thinking of something different. If you can produce oil with the spirit of water, then is it possible to produce steel with the spirit of the earth?

I imagined. Drawings that I had seen over and over. The memory of my time at the firing range on Guam. The inner workings of the gun that I had received from my Uncle.

“What is this…?”

Then, I heard the confused voice of Mr Wolf.

“Wow! I did it! Pump action shotgun!”

The experiment was a big success!

From my memory, I created a shotgun that could be used for anything from breaking locks to blowing away goons! A great success! It seems that my ambitions have taken a great leap forward!

“Oi, missy.”


Whilst I was giddy with pleasure, I heard the voice of an old man. From below.

“Eh, what?”

“You should be asking ‘who?’. I’m the earth spirit that gave you a hand to make that thing.”

Looking down, I saw a tiny person with a pixie hat and a magnificent beard.

“Oooh! It’s rare to see a spirit to show its physical form! They usually don’t show up even for experienced magicians. Does this have something to do with the item that Lady Astrid created?”

Uwaaah! No way, he knows about modern weapons! This little gnome is going to eliminate me to maintain the order of this world!?

“It’s easy to understand what that thing is capable of based on its structure. We spirits know a lot more than humans. But, the thing you imagined wasn’t going to work at all. So, I fixed it up for you. No need to thank me.”

“I see. It was incomplete…”

Is it not possible to replicate it just from memory? That’s a shame.

“But, I want to make a lot of these boomsticks from now on, so Mr. Red Ballpoint Pen… Can I ask you to help me?”

“This boomstick thing… Do you intend to start a war?”

As I asked him, the gnome’s eyes opened wide.

“Well, something like that.”

A war to overcome my miserable fate! A battle that I cannot lose!

“By the way, Lady Astrid. Is this some kind of tool?”

“It’s a tool to open doors and punish the baddies ♪”

I’m not exactly lying. Well, I won’t be satisfied only using simple slugs and rubber shells.

But for today, Mr Wolf’s class was over.

I was given a textbook on the basics of magic so I can continue to study even after my tutor left. These efforts are sure to be useful in the future. Yes, to crush the destruction end of the so-called villainess!

Anyways, that night I slept with my shotgun, the very first piece of modern military weaponry I had managed to create. In the morning, when father saw me carrying it around, he had some very stern words for Mr Wolf about giving his daughter such strange things.

I’m sorry, Mr Wolf…



22/03/19: This series has been picked up by Astherfeld over at Kuro Kurori’s Lounge, so please go and check them out!

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