The Villainess Blooms – 42

Brothers – Part 2

For the members of the Lilyfall family, their mother’s will is absolute.

Nobody can defy her, and Abel is no exception.

Glenn clicked his tongue and glared at the aberration that was clinging to Abel’s back.

“I understand that it’s mother’s order. But, isn’t it something you were ordered to do, Onii-sama? Why should I have to do it?”

“Ah, that’s because I’m terribly busy right now, so I can’t go.”

“The same goes for me, Onii-sama. I have to find that woman. That’s why I can’t help you.”

Glenn declined him flatly, but Abel just laughed and clapped his hands.

“Then that’s all well and good, isn’t it? Since mother’s orders are very much related to Veena.”


Glenn’s eyes have a new glint to them.

“What do you mean by that? Did you find where that woman is hiding?”

“Oh, come to think about it, you weren’t informed yet were you? We already know where that child is.”

Abel plays with a lock of his black hair, as he shoots a sideways glance at Glenn.

“Unfortunately it’s not my place to tell you where she is, that information is being kept under wraps, however if you were to take on this matter that mother has saddled me with I’m sure you’ll inevitably find her.”

In the face of Abel’s smile, Glenn’s heart lurched. But, especially when it comes to this man, he has to be wary.

“Is that really true, Onii-sama?”

“Of course, I’m not one to tell fruitless lies.”

Glenn thought to himself for a time, then nodded slowly.

“I understand. I’ll go in place of you, Onii-sama. Please tell me all the details.”

Even though he was still cautious, Glenn decided to accept his proposal.

“Oh, thank goodness. Then, if you don’t mind, let’s have a nice chat about it in your room.”

“Alright”, Glenn said, and despite thinking of his brother as nothing less than a villain he invited him inside.


Under a blue sky. Suddenly, two human-like figures appeared in thin air.

One is a small child. The other is older, like a mother figure.

The two of them were holding hands, and as they remained suspended above the ground, they surveyed the landscape around them.

In the distance, they saw a horse-drawn carriage surrounded by a number of other horses, though these ones are mounted.

“Target sighted.”

The one that looked like a young boy spoke quietly, with machine-like quality.

“Now switching to combat mode. Permission granted?”

And, in the air in front of the boy, the word ‘Denied” is formed.

It seems that permission was not granted. But…

“Roger. Switching to combat mode.”

Ignoring the order, the boy shifted into combat mode.

“Denied.” “Denied.” “Denied.”, the words keep forming in front of his eyes. But, he ignored them and began to transform.

Turrets protrude from all over the boy’s body, and the barrels are all aimed in one direction. He is aiming at the party dead ahead.

“Firing preparations complete. Requesting permission to engage.”



“Confirmed granting of permission. Counting down to firing. Ten, nine, eight…”

The word kept popping up as he continues the countdown.

But, he continues in defiance.

“…Three, two, one, barrage commencing.”

A roar shook the very earth below them, and countless bullets, missiles and rays of light were shot from the gun barrels all over the boy’s body.

Every shot hit its mark. There was a large explosion, and dust was kicked up everywhere.

“Munitions impact on target confirmed. Moving to confirm fatalities.”

Returning the gun turrets to its body, the boy lowered himself to the ground alongside the woman.

“Multiple biological life signs detected. Survivors confirmed. Again, requesting permission to enga-”

The boy talks as he ignores the signs in the air. And,

“…What is this? Aren’t these automatons? What are they doing here, attacking us?”

A human tore through the haze of dust.

It was Veena.



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    1. I wouldn’t really say “surprised” more like… “inquisitive” or “curious”? Ah well.. destroy the male doll and seduce the female one DO IT VEENA you must add to a potential harem as soon as possible! And for that matter brainwash Aria and make her into your and Yua’s maid girl forevermore. All nobles need a cute maid.. it’s the rules.

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