The Villainess Blooms – 41


Glenn Lilyfall was deep in thought.

(Since it’s her, this surely isn’t over yet.)

The cause of his concern was his older sister, Veena.

Thinking back, how many times had he already arrived at that conclusion?

He has always looked down on his sister, but that girl was still a member of the Lilyfall family.

(Even if she’s worthless, she’s still the eldest daughter of the family. She won’t just let things lie.)

As someone who took great pride in his lineage, even if he didn’t want to acknowledge Veena as a person, he still had to acknowledge her bloodline.

(Where have you gone? I’ll kill her myself once I get my hands on her. But, she’s hard to find.)

He doesn’t think for a moment that he could lose. If they fight, he will definitely win. He’s confident.

(Hmph, you might not have much talent for magic, but you certainly have a knack for hiding.)

Her grades at the academy weren’t the only reason he looked down on his elder sister.

Another reason he thought Veena was worthless was because, despite being a member of the Lilyfall family, she had no singular sorcery of her own.

Of course, he hated her personally as well. But, it’s not unfair to say that the thing that sparked his disdain for her was his sister’s lack of a unique magical gift.

Glenn gazed at a map on the wall and thought to himself.

(No matter how much we searched around the capital, we couldn’t find her. Just which way did she go?)

Gazing at the map, his thoughts wandered. And, suddenly, there was a knock on the door.


Glenn lifted himself off the bed and opened the door. And was greeted by Abel.

“It’s been a while, hasn’t it Glenn?”

That face that could rival any girl’s, but that still belonged to a man, and that man was his older brother.

“…Onii-sama, it has been some time. It’s a rare thing for you to visit me. Can I help you with something?”

Glenn spoke without any affection.

“Even though it’s been so long since we last saw each other, you’re so cold to me, aren’t you? Do I really need a reason to come and see my cute little brother?”

Taking is elder brother’s words as mockery, Glenn grit his teeth.

He couldn’t stand this elder sibling of his either, though for entirely different reasons to Veena.

“You never do anything without a cause. What are you plotting this time?”

“I think my reputation is deeply unfair. I’m not planning anything in particular. But, I am really interested in that person. And so, I was hoping to figure a few things out. So I ran a few of my harmless experiments, nothing dangerous. That’s all.”

That’s all. Certainly, for him, it wouldn’t be any big deal, but that could scarce apply to anyone else.

One time he caused a natural disaster, the other time he turned an entire city into a stage to conduct experiments on creating monsters.

The most heinous and brutal of all the Lilyfall family.

To say that about him is no exaggeration.

Glenn glared at Abel.

“You sure can say that calmly. Just how many people do you think have suffered and died because of you?”

“Don’t say such callous things. I have never had a subject of my experiments suffer before they die, I don’t have the time for that.”

Abel said as if it were nothing.

“…Is that so. So, what are you really here for? I’m not buying that you came here just to say hello.”

Despite his discomfort, Glenn managed to ask why Abel had visited.

“Fufu, that’s right. Of course, there’s something more.”

As he said that, Abel snapped his fingers. And a figure that made Glenn’s hairs stand on end emerged from behind him.

It hundreds of footless legs like a centipede attached to a body that resembled a red snake and whilst its head was that of a wolf’s, there were countless human faces embedded into the length of it. It was a truly horrible thing to behold.

Glenn always thought it looked creepy and disgusting whenever he had to see it, but Veena never thought of it that way.

She called it cute.

Once again, Glenn couldn’t understand his sister.

Glenn took a step back.

“What are you planning to do, Onii-sama? Don’t tell me that father ordered you to…”

“It’s nothing like that. My little monster and I are here on mother’s orders.”

Glenn looked perplexed.

“Mother’s orders…? For Onii-sama?”

Ever since Abel’s ‘experiments’ had come to light, he no longer stood in the public eye. He now acts from the shadows. But, he continued to experiment, and since he several times interrupted his mother’s plans as a result, and essentially became ostracized.

“Well, I don’t really understand it myself, but it’s all been very troublesome. I would be declining a direct order from her if I refused. And if she thinks I’m not useful, she might truly look to get rid of me in earnest.”

Glenn thinks that only serves him right.

“Therefore, I have a request for you, dear younger brother.”

Abel had a grin on his face. He hasn’t heard the request, but he has a good idea of what it is.

“Will you not fulfil mother’s intentions in my place?”

Glenn sighed, it was just as he expected.



Been a while since we’ve seen Glenn, huh

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      1. To be fair.. the Knight Captain *is* trying to kill her first. Self-defense is justified in this case. It’s not like they “get along” well or anything. Aria is openly hostile to a person who has been taught “Kill anything that gets in your way” as a solution. Though… I’m more concerned about Veena’s totally broken sense of aesthetics… because seriously something that comes from the nightmares of cthulu mythos is “cute” to her… -shakes head- … I swear elder gods would be fleeing from her in terror as she tries to make them her “plushies” or something….

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