The Villainess Blooms – 37


The sky is clear, and a beautiful full moon is visible.

It was a quiet night, and it would have been utterly silent if not the occasional chirping of cicadas and the rustling of wind through the trees.

They were in a forest that was dominated by such silence.

“Veena-sama, how is it going on your end?”

Whilst the silver hair on her head dances like snowflakes in the pale moonlight, Yua drew lines in the wet earth with a stick.

“I’m already finished with this part.”

Veena was also drawing lines in the damp ground, but had returned to the point of origin, so in effect that ‘point’ had turned into a ‘line’, then that ‘line had become a ‘circle’.

What she had drawn on the ground was a complex magic sigil full of geometric shapes and arcane symbols.

“Really though, this is pretty difficult magic. It might be best to take it one step at a time.”

Veena spoke as if it were someone else’s problem.

“Are you sure this magic circle is enough?”

“Well, it’s just a matter of using enough magical energy.”

She might say it lightly, but outside of the Lilyfall family there were very few people capable of doing such a thing.

Indeed, it’s only because Yua is here right now that she can draw on the energy reserves of the royal family to make it possible.

“Okay, I’m finished.”

Yua said so, and threw away the wooden stick.

“Veena-sama, we should get started soon.”

“You’re right. We don’t have much time, so let’s finish this quickly.”

Into the centre of the magic circle that they drew, which was now beginning to absorb magic from Yua, Veena dropped both dragon scales and two weapons of choice.

A sword for Veena, and for Yua a staff.

They began processing.

In order to counter whatever power the rebels might possess, they need to enhance their own capabilities through processing weaponry.

A dragon’s scales are tough, impervious to both fire and piercing. However, even if it takes time, these two can cut away at the surface a little. Using the powder they scraped off the scales, they ‘process’ it into the weapons of their choice. That’s the first phase over with.

The two of them start pouring magical power in earnest into the magic circle. The circle began to glow, dying the forest with the colour of dawn.

“How long will it take?”

“Hmm, hopefully it’ll be done by morning?”

“Oh, morning, huh?”

Veena sat down on a stump and sighed.

“Yua, aren’t you sleepy?”

“Not really.”

Yua laughed, and sat back to back with Veena.

“Veena-sama, why did you decide on a sword? Since you’re a mage, I thought you would use a staff like me, or maybe a wand?”

“Hmm, you’re right. I didn’t have any real reason, for some reason it just felt a little nostalgic…”

But, that caused Veena to think about it.

It certainly would have been better to use a staff to bring out her power to the fullest. But even so, she was drawn to a sword.

She doesn’t really know why herself.

For some reason, it just felt like a good fit.

Veena mulled it over, but she couldn’t come to an answer.

“…Honestly, I don’t really get it myself.”

Yua smiled wryly, thinking about how she only used the topic to start a conversation, not to have Veena wrack her brains over it.

She leaned against Veena’s back, and looked up at the night sky. Looking up at the whirlpool of scattered stars as if they were precious gems spilled across a dark sky, Yua spoke quietly.

“Isn’t the sky beautiful? I could never see it like this from the castle.”

That’s true, Veena agreed.

“It really is a beautiful night sky. The air is so clean, and the wind in the trees is like a lullaby.”

“Veena-sama, are you feeling sleepy?”

“Yeah, I haven’t slept well lately because of a strange dream I’ve been having. So, I am a little tired.”

“Strange dream?”

Yua sounded worried.

“It’s like I’m drifting alone in an endless void. That kind of dream.”

“…That is a strange dream.”

It sounded like Yua’s tone dropped an octave lower than usual, but it bounced right back up as she spoke again.

“I can sleep soundly nowadays. Thanks to you, Veena-sama.”

“I didn’t do anything, though.”

“You’re always sleeping beside me. That’s enough for me to get a good night’s rest.”

“Hmm… Then, that’s good.”

The two of them chatted back and forth until the processing ended.

As predicted, it only ended as the morning sun began to rise.

Picking up the left over dragon materials and erasing the magic circle with their feet, the two of them picked up their respective weapons.

“Fuwaa~, I’m getting a little sleepy…”

“…You’re right. But, for now, you have to be patient.”

They leave town this morning. Yesterday, they had received news. It was going to be hard to get a good night’s sleep from now on. If they were going to sleep, it would likely be in the back of a carriage.

Veena took Yua’s hand, and they made their way back to their home one final time to prepare for departure.


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  1. Thank you for the chapters.
    Sweetness is when you find somebody to sleep comfortably with. Heavenly sleep.

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