The Villainess Blooms – 34

Round Table Discussion

The next day. They sat around a roundtable under a clear blue sky, in an outdoor enclosed area of the city hall.

One of these people is the reason for this disturbance of the peace, ‘Veena’. On her right is Princess Yua, the Third Princess of the Kingdom of Lafalis, and on her left is the troublemaker’s sister, a lieutenant of the Knight’s Order, Leena.

Sitting on a chair three seats away from them was Aria, who had her eyes closed and was trying to calmly organize her thoughts.

In addition to Eizen, the town mayor, Gremlin was allowed to participate as a representative for the public relations department.

“First of all, let’s hear the full story.”

Looking as calm as ever despite the high ranking knight sitting next to him, Eizen asked.

“I understand. I’ll tell you everything.”

Realizing there’s no way to avoid it, Veena replies. Sylph sat perched invisibly on her knee.

“I am a member of the Lilyfall family.”

Eizen’s eyebrow twitched. Murmurs break out amongst the spectators who had come to watch.

“You’re a member of that ‘battle crazy’ noble house?”

Veena smiled bitterly as Eizen said that.

She can’t deny it. Certainly, the term ‘battle crazy’ isn’t wrong…

Although, the other member of the Lilyfall family doesn’t seem to agree.

“Calling us ‘battle crazy’ is rude, don’t you think? We fight to protect the lives of weak people like yourself. Destruction and death are justified means to defend the people. Calling us crazy for that is really impolite. Please do correct yourself.”

Eizen turned around to her and apologized. He really is a diplomatic person, cool and calm as always.

After Leena’s interruption, Veena gets back to the story.

“In any case, it would be more accurate to say I’m a ‘former’ member of the Lilyfall family.”

At this point, it was best to simply be honest. Their cover had long since been blown.

Veena told their story in detail.

What had happened to her, why she had disappeared with Yua, and why she had come to this remote town. She told them everything.

“…I see now. This was where you finally wound up after your escape.”

Eizen seemed convinced, but the audience was still unsurely murmuring to each other. Well, that’s to be expected.

It seems like a rumour had gone around that the two of them were former nobles after they used high-tier magic to defeat the dragon. However, no one expected the two of them to be from the royal family or the strongest ducal house. The crowd is still being noisy.

“But, there’s just one question I have left. What kind of relationship do the two of you have?

Would you really throw everything away like that just for a friend?”

What kind of relationship… That’s a difficult question.

The words catch in her throat, and she can’t reply immediately.

Friends? No. That’s not it.

Then, childhood friends? That’s not quite right either.

Veena stroked her chin as she looked for an answer, but nothing came to mind.

What exactly does Yua mean to her? And what does she mean to Yua? She’s still not sure.


She took a sidelong glance at Yua, and as if they were connected by magnets their eyes catch each other. Veena quickly turned her head back to the front. Yua had the same reaction, and to everyone watching it was as if they were a new couple who had just started dating.

“To me, this child is… something like a little sister.”

She managed to stammer the words out, but many people noticed the silent bitter reactions of both people who sat next to her.

“What impertinence…” It was only Aria who actually said something in response to Veena claiming to be a sister of a member of the royal house.

After Veena had finished her story, next was Aria’s turn. Aria explains that her unit had been ordered to Takrath in order to investigate the disappearance of the dragon, and then Eizen spoke again.

“And in the end, the dragon had been defeated. By these noblewomen here.”

Aria glared at Veena.

Veena was strong, that wasn’t up for debate. At least, she was stronger than Aria.

But, was she really strong enough to defeat a dragon?

“Did you truly beat it?”

Aria spoke doubtfully. She can’t honestly believe it. To bring down an S-rank monster that is also designated to be sealed, it would require the strength of an entire nation. It’s impossible to think that two people managed it on their own.

“I have evidence.”

Veena snapped her fingers together. And, something appeared behind her. At first glance, it looked like a massive rock, but when they looked closely they could see it was the decapitated corpse of a dragon.

Aria is lost for words. It was truly the body of a dragon. Undeniable proof.

“Ho ho, so this is the remains of the dragon. Not many folks have had the pleasure to look upon a dragon this close and tell the tale, you know?”

Eizen laughed as he looked at it.

“Here is your proof. And, I have a proposal for both of you to hear.”

Veena spoke as she looked at both Eizen and Aria.


“What do you mean?”

Veena returned the headless corpse back to her magic space, and decided on the words she would say.

“If you two hear out my wishes, I will bring the rebel army in Beirut to heel.”

Aria is surprised, whilst Eizen seems quite pleased as he responds with an “Oh…?” Since she had already explained her idea to Yua yesterday, she doesn’t react.

“How do you know that Beirut has been occupied by the rebel army?”

That was the reason for Aria’s surprise, but Eizen explained that he was the one who had informed her.

For an S-rank adventurer, having access to information like that is only par for the course.

Aria reluctantly accepted it.

“So, what are you asking in exchange?”

It was Eizen who asked first. Aria nodded her assent. And so, Veena replied with a smile.

“What I want is…”

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  1. “What I want is to enter the bath with Yua, Leena, Aria(😳), and you too Gremlin. Just an innocent bath 😉.”
    Thank you for the chapter

  2. Veena: what I want is…… Some kinky lesbian nightlife with Leena & Yua… can join if you want!!

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