The Villainess Blooms – 13

The Villainess’ Leaving Preparations

“Ah, Veena-sama. Good morning.”

Once she saw that I was awake, Yua came running towards me with her slippers making a pitter-patter noise on the floor.

“Mm, good morning.”

I catch Yua as she runs towards me and start stroking her head. Her silver hair feels wonderful under my fingertips. She must have just finished taking a bath since there’s a fluffy fragrance of soap. It mixes with her normal smell, and becomes overwhelmingly sweet.

(Oh, I sound like a pervert.)

So, with a bitter smile, I separate myself from Yua. As I do, Yua steps back towards me and hugs me around the chest.

Close close close….


I step back instinctually. And Yua muttered.

“Veena-sama. You reek of sweat. Let’s go take a bath together.”


“Like I said, your sweat…”

“No no no, I got it the first time. I’m sorry. Please don’t say that twice.”

I hurry and stop Yua from speaking. If Yua told me that I was sweaty twice with that cute voice of hers, I don’t think I’d be able to recover from the blow. It’s not like I could help it. There’s no way I could have taken a bath yesterday because of the whole business with the dragon.

Honestly, I was thinking the same thing as Yua. I’d like to take a bath right now. My hair and body feel sticky with sweat, and I’m still groggy from waking up. But it really is galling to be told as much by someone else. All the more so if it’s the person you like.

“Ah, s- sorry. But, you know, I kind of like the smell of Veena-sama’s sweat.”

Is that Yua’s way of trying to make me feel better? You could have said something gentle in a less perverted way…

I heard Sylph cry out a “Gyau!” as if to agree.

“Is that so? Well, thank you. At any rate, I suppose I will take a bath.”

“Oh, I’ll join you, Veena-sama!”


“Yes yes, I understand. Let’s all get in together.”

We head for the bathroom. As I did, Yua prepared a change of clothes.

I try and quell my wild imagination before getting to the bath.

Before all this, such things as bathing, laundry, cooking and cleaning I left to the servants of my family. I never received an education in such useless things.

But, since these are things commoners do every day, I’ve had to try my best at them as well. For the most part, though, it’s been impossible.

When I enter the bathroom, I take off my clothes and put them in the small wicker basket prepared. After I’ve taken it all off, I step into the bath area. The moment I opened the door, I’m hit by a chill wind.

It really has gotten cold.

I use a simple magic to raise my body temperature slightly. It should be more bearable now.

Sitting myself down on the bath chair, I twist the tap on and begin washing my hair. And once I made sure that my hair was clean, Yua entered the bathroom.

“Veena-sama, I’m coming in.”

“Please do.”

I invited her in. Sylph was already playing around in our laundry.

“Uu, it’s a little cold.”

“It is. I used magic just before to warm myself up.”

“Are you sure that’s fine?”

“It’s not a problem.”

I turn the faucet on again and start filling up a wooden bucket.

“I think there might be a problem…”

Well, there could be. If you make just one mistake you could light yourself on fire, maybe it’s best not to imitate me.”

Yua sat on my lap as I slowly poured water onto her hair.

Hot water slipped down her skin effortlessly and began to pool on the floor. That soft and supple skin that water doesn’t seem to cling to at all. As smooth as a baby’s.

“Yua, is it okay? Not too hot?”

“I-it’s fine.”

Once the hot water has passed over her, Yua feels the chill again. I embraced her as she trembled slightly. Yua gasped. I wonder if she’s nervous? Placing my ear to her back, I could hear her heartbeat.

“W-what are you doing, Veena-sama!?”

I respond to the confused Yua.

“Yua, about the dragon, I’ve learned a few things about it.”


Yua turns to me in surprise.

“You were sleeping the whole time, how did you learn anything?”

“Yes, well, I don’t really understand myself.”

Saying so, I explained to Yua everything I saw in my dream. At first she looked at me dubiously, but gradually she looked like she was deep in thought, and eventually came to understand. Yua looks like a young girl, but she really is brilliantly smart. As one would expect.

“…Of course. When Sylph challenged that woman, the would-be avenger was cut down instead, and the dragon was released.”

I nod at Yua’s theory.

That’s the impression I also had.

Sylph must have released the dragon with her dying breath. Perhaps she hoped that it would rampage through the school? However, why did it then appear before us? That’s still a question that bothers me.

“…That seems about right. I guess that means this Mina Yukishiro person is the one pulling all the strings.”

“Is that what you think? I’m not so sure. We don’t really have enough information yet.”

I collected hot water in a bucket again whilst holding Yua in place.

“Well, even if you got all the evidence and testimony you needed to prove it, it doesn’t have anything to do with me. I’m not thinking about hatching a revenge plot or anything like that.”

“Eh…?”, Yua responded.

“When Veena-sama decided to go back I was going to support you in every way I could… Is that really fine?”

“Of course. Besides, showing hostility to that woman now would be like declaring war on the entire Kingdom of Lafalis. I’m not that reckless. Well, as to the future… Who knows.”

“Hmm, is that so…”

When Yua stood up, she had her back to me.

“Veena-sama, I am going to wash your back.”


Yua stroked my back with her fingers.

“Yua? You know I’m ticklish.”

“Eh, ah, sorry…”

Yua slowly poured hot water down my back. The heat gradually spreads across my body. It’s warm. Yua then grabs the soap and begins to scrub my back. Neither pressing too hard or rubbing too softly, just the perfect scrubbing.

“Veena-sama, how is it?”

“It feels divine. You’re a natural.”

“If that’s true, then I’m happy. Then, for the front…”

Saying so, her hands crept forward onto my stomach. But, I stopped her.

“Yua, it’s okay. You can go ahead and wash yourself if you like.”

“…I understand.”

She looks a little disappointed.

“Ah, that’s right. Can you wash Sylph as well? That child must be pretty dirty as well.”


Yua sounds confused. Oh, that’s right, I haven’t told Yua that I named the dragon just yet.

“That’s the name I gave to that tiny dragon.”

“…Hmmm~ Why would you name her Sylph? Ah! Veena-sama, could you possibly…?”

“Please quit it with the false accusations. Of course, it’s not like that.”

To the best of my memory, that dream was the first time I had ever spoken to Sylph, although maybe I just don’t remember her. She didn’t hold any such feelings for that child. However, I just thought that it was coincidentally a good name for that tiny dragon.

“If you don’t like the name, I don’t mind changing it.”

“No, I um… I think it’s fine.”

Sylph entered as if summoned in a flurry of feathers. Running up to me, it jumped into the bucket full of hot water by my side.

“Sure is vigorous, not that one would expect any less from the reincarnation of a dragon.”

Sylph looked satisfied soaking in that wooden bucket. Honestly, it’s quite adorable.

“That’s right, it would probably be for the best if you gave this child a seal limit, just in case.”

“Ah, when Veena-sama was sleeping, I already did that.”

Yua had put four seals on Sylph that took the form of commandments.

First, do not attack people.

Second, do not eat monsters.

Third, do not use breath.

Fourth, don’t abandon us.

If any of those commandments are broken, it will immediately be sealed. And once sealed, sent to a magically maintained dimension for good.

“I see. It should be fine if those are the limits.”

Yua began to wash Sylph’s body. I helped her out by washing the front.

When we were done, I hold Sylph and soaked it in the tub of hot water.

Yua seemed to remember something she had to do and left the bathroom without using the tub.

After that, I held Sylph in the tub for a while and counted all the drops of water on the ceiling before getting out.

When I went back to change, Yua had already laid out a washed change of clothes neatly for me. I take the towel that was prepared alongside it. But, since drying myself was a pain, I put it back and just evaporated the water droplets with magic. After doing the same for Sylph, we left the bathroom.

And I sought out Yua. She must be making a meal. A fragrant smell fills the house and makes my stomach rumble.

“It looks delicious today as well.”

As I say so, Yua answers with “Please wait just a little longer.”

I sit in my chair and open a book. I thought about offering to help, but when we first arrived in this town I broke half the cooking utensils I had bought trying to make a simple porridge. After that, Yua banned me from the kitchen.

(I would also like to learn how to cook some time…)

I leafed through the book, and once I had gone through a few dozen pages a meal consisting of various colourful dishes had been set before me.

“Veena-sama, it’s ready!”

I close the book, holding my place with a dog ear.

“It looks truly delicious.”

“By all means, please dig in.”

“Well then, thank you for the food.”

I eat the dishes in a blur, and by the time I realize it, I’d already finished. Yua inquired about this dish or that while I was eating, but even though I was too busy wolfing it down to answer her clearly, she seemed to smile in satisfaction all the same. Cute.

After finishing our meal and brushing our teeth, Yua and I remembered that we had been summoned to see the town mayor, and prepared to leave.



I have to say, Japanese bathing customs in what is essentially a western fantasy setting always irks me. But whatever, seeing these two basically be a married couple (with a kid no less) makes it worth it.

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  1. These two are basically a married couple now… Hopefully the heroine(lol) and the trash won’t disturb them… If only those two got to the dragon first and got killed then there’s no need to worry about them in the future

  2. Thank you for the chapter.
    Shouldn’t it be “declaring WAR on the entire Kingdom of Lafalis” instead of “declaring WAY on the entire Kingdom of Lafalis” ?

    1. Sorry, I translated this when basically half awake and sort of autopiloted (if you couldn’t already tell), Sylph’s gender isn’t clear as a dragon. Any he/hims are mistakes on my part, I’ve gone back and edited it properly now.

  3. Wait, so Yua actually sat on Veena’s lap? Not that I’m complaining, but it’s a little weird and almost criminal we don’t get any comment from Veena on it.

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