The Villainess Blooms – Side Story

Profile of a Hunter

Hello there. Hmm, so this is my profile?

It doesn’t really matter to me, but I don’t think I’m particularly amazing.

“That’s not true, Veena-sama is the greatest!”

Yua, be quiet. So anyway, what would you like to know first?

“Veena-sama’s favourite person..!?”

A good question. If you twisted my arm… I suppose it has to be Yua.

“Eh… Wait, really!?”

Yes, of course. Coming just behind her, I also like my little sister. Oh, I don’t mean Yua.

Eh? What is my relationship with Yua then?

Yua is… For now… She’s also one of my little sisters?

What’s this, Yua is looking depressed all of a sudden? Did I say something wrong?

Ah, whatever it is, I’m sorry. Anyways, back to what I was saying. Yes, Yua isn’t related to me by blood. But she’s still my sister.

…And I didn’t kidnap her either.

“Everyone in the Kingdom definitely thinks you’re a kidnapper though, Veena-sama.”

Don’t besmirch my good name with that adorably quiet voice of yours, Yua.

You’re going to ruin my social standing.

…Well, not that it could get much more ruined.

Anyways, to me, Yua is precious. The most important person in the word.


Ah, that’s right. Miss Interviewer, please listen to this. Yua is much, much more amazing than me.

“No way, that’s totally wrong! Veena-sama is the most amazing by far!”

That’s not true. Even if you aren’t the strongest magic user in the entire country, that doesn’t matter. You’re cute, you cook really well, you’re cute, you’re kind to everyone you meet, you’re cute, you’re incredibly smart and most importantly you’re very cute.

Just yesterday, she cooked me an amazing dinner, but she asked me nervously if the food was good like she always does. Whatever she makes is delicious, but apparently, she’s still not that confident. Oh, no Miss Interviewer, there isn’t any left over for you to try. Yua’s cooking is my sole privilege.

That’s the truth. Anyways, I’ll continue.

What’s that, you want to know about my story?

My story really isn’t that interesting.

So anyway, where was I…?

Ah, that’s right. It was talking about how delicious Yua’s cooking was. It’s better than any cuisine I’ve ever tasted.

And what’s more, Yua is also really cute. See for yourself. Isn’t she disgustingly cute?

“Veena-sama, y-you’re embarrassing me…”

Yua’s embarrassed face is also cute. That aside, doesn’t this girl have a great figure? Better to be so small and cute than spindly like me.

This girl’s measurements are… Ah, you wanted to know mine?

I am 164 centimeters. I’d prefer to be a little shorter.

Three sizes? I expected that question, but I won’t dignify it with an answer.

How did I learn magic? I was just taught be a neighbour.

Yua is the same.

What’s my strongest magic? I don’t really have anything like that.

“It’s true, Veena-sama is a once in a generation talent! She doesn’t even need to specialize in magic! She can use all forms of magic like a master! Moreover, no one can quite use merge spells together nearly as well as Veena-sama can! To do such complicated multilevel spells on the spot like that, only the “Heroes” Alcathros and Veena-sama can do such amazing things!”

Yua is overreacting again. Compared to my fath- I mean, compared to Alcathros, I’m still learning. And for now, learning is all I can do.

“You’re being too modest!”

No no, not at all.

“I think you really are the grea-!”

No no, not at all.


Yua’s pouting face is cute as well.

“I tried so hard to compliment you as well…”


In the evening.

“Don’t joke around with meeeeeeeeeeee!!!”

The woman who punctuated her cry with a belch whilst hunched over a mug of beer was the foremost reporter on monster exterminating matters known as Miss Gremlin.

Gremlin raised her glass and shouted “Another cup!”, startling the young waiter who responded with a “R-right away!”

“Oi oi, you sure look like you’ve had a rough day. What happened?”

Drinking with Gremlin was another one of her workmates.

“I’d like to know my self just what the hell happened! That shitty brat is all Veena would talk about! Yua this, Yua that, Yua Yua Yua!”

“Hmm, they must have a really good sisterly relationship.”

As her colleague slowly savours his drink, Gremlin sculls the entire pint and slams it back down on the table. Several days ago, the woman known as Veena had come into town alongside her “sister”. Rumours had flared up that she was an exiled aristocrat because of her ability to use magic, which was such a rarity amongst commoners.

“That kind of relationship isn’t good at all! They were all over each other the whole time!? And they kept interrupting my questions with all their lovey-dovey talk! I couldn’t take it any more and ended it early!”

Gremlin yelled at the passing waiter again for another drink. This time it’s a cocktail, not a beer.

“And because of that, it was a complete waste of time! Shit! Why is such a young woman hunting monsters anyways!? Don’t look down on monsters just because you can use a little magic, it’s still dangerous!”

Once again, the alcohol is downed in one go.

“Ha ha ha, it really seems like you had a tough day. Well, I see your point though.”

“Tell me about it! Drinking is the only way I can forget it!”

“But you know, it seems like the local monster hunting guild has already approached her to join.”

“Ha!? They think we need to rely on a girl like that!? The adults in this town aren’t so worthless!”

“You say that, but you’re looking like a pretty worthless adult yourself right now.”


Being glared at by Gremlin, her colleague turns away quickly.

“But honestly, why isn’t there aren’t there any other magic users in this city?!”

“It really can’t be helped. Magic is the privilege of nobility, for anyone to be able to use it outside of that is really rare.”

“You don’t think I know that already!? Bring sorcerers from somewhere else! It’ll be really bad if she’s the only one in Takrath!”

“We’re way too far away from everyone, no one is going to cross the mountains to come to a city like ours.”

At her fellow’s calm words, Gremlin clicked her tongue.

“Ahh jeez, I don’t get it!”

Her colleague puts a hand on her shoulder. For a moment he considers pulling that big breasted chest of Gremlins into a hug, but she’s not brave enough to try it.

“You really are in a bad shape, huh? Did Veena and the other girl hate being interviewed that much?”

“Huh!? They didn’t hate it at all! They just kept yabbering on and on!”

Gremlin threw back the liquour so casually it was somewhat amazing, and once again pounded the empty mug on the table.

“Ah, oi, I’m out of alcohol! Anywaaays, enough about me, how about you? Weren’t you interviewing that piece of shit today?”

That poor young man is being run off his feet bringing Gremlin alcohol constantly. What an annoying customer. By the way, the man Gremlin refers to as a “piece of shit” is Kenkar.

“Even if you ask me like that, it was just normal.”

“Haaah, so boring. You’re always like this aren’t you…”

Gremlin’s profound lecture (incoherent rambling) began.

If you aren’t diligent in your work, you’ll be sloppy in your everyday life. Her drunken preaching goes on.

But, long since having grown used to it, her colleague takes a sip as she listens.

(Ah, she’s still going. What a troublesome girl this one is. But that said… nothing beats drinking after work, does it?)

And so, the day came to a close.

Miss Gremlin’s Monster Hunter Profiles


Age: 17

Sex: Female

Date of Birth: Unknown

Height: 164 centimetres

Weight: Unknown

Three Sizes: Unknown

Favourite Thing: Yua

Best Magic: N/A

Weakest Magic: N/A

Estimated Hunter Rank: A+



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