Even Though I’m a Former Noble and a Single Mother, My Daughters are too Cute and Working as an Adventurer Isn’t Too Much of a Hassle – 5

The Fresh-Faced Adventurer from Before

The world is inherently a cruel place.

When monsters rampage without conscience and sometimes with uncanny intelligence, your instincts tell you that mankind should be little more than a prey animal.

It isn’t the knights and adventurers who are typically the ones who lose out in this food chain, it’s women and children who have no means to protect themselves.

Things like ethics and morals are irrelevant to them. Rather the sound of screams and sensation of tearing into soft flesh… It’s obvious why monsters would prefer the easier victim.

That’s why that small monster watches the soft looking child, and waits for the moment he’s separated from the adults to strike.

The screaming and crying echoes. And is followed by the sound of meat being shredded. The little children who don’t hurry home will be cooked and eaten by nasty goblins.

Such a thing is common in that world.

The weak are meat and the strong devour. No matter how much law and authority humans claim, this is an unavoidable fact.

In this world, anything is at risk of being killed by monsters. Of course, that applies to the monsters as well.

“Fua~ …All right”

A small ravine outside the remote town. Having received a request to hunt down a goblin that stole a chicken from a nearby village, Kyle grasps his trembling hand and tries to subdue his shaking body.

Even though goblins are considered small fry monsters, they can multiply rapidly if left alone. Even though the Demonic White Sword had wiped out all the nests near the town, the goblins were beginning to reemerge. Had they come from further afield, or did a Queen survive?

“A goblin nest, huh.”

Though the binoculars, he saw the two goblins he was tracking enter into a large cave opening.

The monster that everyone calls the weakest. For him, they were a terrible root of terror that was implanted by his memories.

He can see it when he closes his eyes. He sees those companions who who he befriended on his first adventure tormented and mutilated by Goblins, and the Dragon that burst through the ground to dash all their hopes.

After experiencing that terror, Kyle seriously considered giving up adventuring for good.

At only 15 years old, that encounter with primal cruelty could have made him lose confidence in himself and his skills.

(…But still!)

Even though the fear still remains, it can’t last forever.

And he longed for the back of that white haired swordsman who had appeared in his time of need.

Even if you call his reasoning stupid, Kyle is still a man. Besides helping to support the orphanage that raised him, he also joined the guild to feel true freedom and gain a reputation.

If his main reasoning was the former, people would call him wise and mature beyond his years. But since it’s the latter, it’s natural one would be called a fool.

After he had weighed his options, Kyle chose to continue his life as an adventurer to try and catch up to the woman he admired.

Even if isn’t yet as fearless like her. Even if his scrappy battles can’t yet compare to that ballet of the sword. It’s only the beginning of his journey.

Kyle reconfirms his equipment before he sets off.

“Sword, ready!”

An iron short sword that he sharpened especially for today.

“Shield, fine!”

An ugly yet practical buckler that fit him well.

“Armour, good!”

A cheap metal helmet covering his head and boiled leather armour. Because he lacked funds, he fashioned arm bracers and shin protectors for himself from leather, tied tightly so that they don’t fall off in battle.

“All potions, ready!”

Pain relievers, poison antidotes and even a small magical energy recovery potion purchased with the last of his money.

“Even though I don’t think I’ll be using them, Adventuring gear good!”

Three bottles of water, a coil of rope and a survival knife.

“Alright, let’s go!”

He slapped his cheeks with his hand to try and get his spirits up.

When watching Kyle go through this little ritual, an adventurer who doesn’t know about his past would probably laugh.

But Kyle doesn’t care about that kind of thing. To him this isn’t just a simple goblin extermination, it’s about him defeating his own personal monsters.

He doesn’t intend to die, but no matter what happens in this cave he doesn’t plan to leave any regrets. Not again.

“《 Radiant ・ Globe 》”

At Kyle’s command, a small sphere of light appears in his hand and illuminates the surrounding cave.

“It might have saved some magical energy to have brought a torch, but I’ve got to keep a hand free…”

As magical energy draws from outside the physical realm, someone who seeks to learn it must come to terms with its power to bend the rules of the world on a psychological level.

When the oldest existence imagined the material from the immaterial, that was when the world was first created.

That is the way people reconcile the physical world with the magical. Over a long period of centuries, processes were developed in order to train people to manipulate knowledge and magical power in order to manipulate phenomena, and sorcery became a weapon of sorts.

“Still 《Flash》is such a simple spell, I really have a long way to go. That person didn’t even use magical chants to create those swords, did she?”

Because part of preparing your mind to use magic relies on a verbal suggestion, magic users will typically say their spells aloud when using them. But a true master can simply use the hand motions to cast like the Demonic White Sword did.

“Well, there’s no use pining about something I don’t have.”

Shake those thoughts away, focus on the Goblins. Since the goblins are so sensitive to light from living most of their lives in caves, Kyle lowers the intensity of his light magic to the level of a torch.

“No traps… yet.”

Goblins aren’t monsters to lay traps, but they’re generally the sliest about hiding them.

Leaning from his inexperience on his first adventure, Kyle had asked senior adventurers from the guild plenty of questions about various monsters and asked about goblins especially.

We only barely escaped with our lives when we took a crowd of goblins on, thinking they were no more than children, they said.

They made a sound to distract us to look the wrong way and then surrounded us, one of our party was killed, they said.

When I thought that there were only goblins, a massive ogre appeared, she said.

I got caught in a pincer movement because the goblins had tunnelled behind me, he said.

There are few adventurers who don’t know someone who had been cruelly murdered or mutilated by a goblin. And of course, Kyle himself isn’t one of them.

A monster with only a child’s physique and intelligence. Anyone who simply disregards them as such will inevitably become their prey.

Even though the request noted that the goblins had only recently been sighted and that their numbers were likely few, to take this quest lightly would be a grave insult to his late companions. Kyle makes his way through the cave paying incredible attention to detail, checking along the wall all the while for any secret burrows and scanning the floor to keep an eye out for traps.




The sound of the goblins chattering almost made him cry out, but he managed to stifle his voice by putting his hand over his mouth.

As he minimizes the light from the torch and listens to the language incomprehensible to human ears, he notes that there are only two speakers.

They’ll probably both already be armed.

“…Fuu… Haa…”

Seeing a glimpse his previous despair when he blinked, his fear resurfaces and his breathing becomes ragged.

Doing his best to get a grip on his chattering teeth and shaking hands, he readies himself behind the backs of the two monsters.

(I’ll use Fireball and then… Wait, not yet.)

About to surprise attack from behind using magic, he stopped himself. It’s not yet time to use up some of his magic.

Even if this is supposed to just be a goblin’s nest, there’s no telling what else might be lurking in here. It’s best to be cautious and preserve energy.

It’s something he had learned the hard way. But, not stopping to dwell on it, Kyle picked up a small rock.

Throwing it lightly, it hit the wall and caused a loud echo to sound through the cavern.



The goblins walked towards the sound… Where Kyle had hidden in ambush.

He waits patiently whilst listening to the slow steps of the goblins, estimating how many more steps they are away from him.

Kyle touches a knee to the ground and waits for the goblin to round the corner. And at the moment the abominable child-like monster shows its face, he increased the luminosity of his light magic and thrust with the blade.



The short sword thrust straight through the throat of the first goblin.

“Gagu- gyu… go!!”

The feedback from the sword striking bone jolts through his sword arm.

He had intended to press forward from his first attack and slice off the head of the second goblin, but his blade had sliced up through the throat wrong and clattered into the bottom row of teeth.

Perhaps it’s fortunate that the blade was stopped by that bottom row of teeth. If his sword hand had followed the blade through the mouth, he might have received a grievous wound and a fatal infection.

“Of course, I can’t just do things like she does, can I?”

Trying to imitate the swordplay of the Demonic White Sword, he had attempted to aim directly for the vital spots with a single thrust, but he was frustrated in his efforts.

It is surprisingly difficult to attack the vital points of opponents in quick succession. No matter what you can achieve when practising, actually utilizing these skills in combat takes a lot of experience.

“As for magic, I’d rather not use it if I can help it. …For now, let’s just train with the sword. If I practice with it long enough, maybe someday I’ll be able to pull off those moves.”

Kyle was upbeat, but in reality, he was being naïve.

As he advanced through the cave, he repeated the same trick on any goblins he encountered.

However, the more you use it to cut down enemies the faster you will lose the keen of your blade, especially if you strike bone.

If you looked closely, you would see that the tip of the sword had already been worn down. The sheer amount of blood that had slid down the blade was already beginning to make the grip slippery.


“Gah!? Oh no!”

And by the time he noticed, it was already too late.

As he tried to ambush his 10th goblin, his sword missed his mark because of the fatigue in his arm, and when the blade struck the shoulder bone of the goblin the bloodied weapon slipped out of his grip.

The sword clanged on the ground loudly as it fell. The goblin with a deep laceration in his shoulder struck back angrily with a club.

“Uw, uwaaaa!?”

Kyle threw a punch in his panic. Even though it’s a far cry from the blade of a sword, the goblin is at just the right height for a punch to be effective.

The two blows cross one another. The club glances off Kyle’s wooden bracer, and his fist directs squarely in the goblin’s face.

From that point on, it’s just a mess. Holding down the goblin by weighing it down with his foot, Kyle pounds it over and over again with his fist.

Kyle was overtaken by the adrenaline and didn’t notice the sensation of cracking bone and flayed flesh under his knuckles, so he kept punching for a while after the goblin had already died before he calmed down.

“Haa… Haaa… Whew. One way or another, it worked out…”

Picking up the sword that had slipped from him and examining it with his light, he noticed that a large fracture had developed in the weapon as a result of it hitting the ground at a bad angle.

It was a cheap iron sword he had picked up from the bargain barrel at the smithy. If anything, the fact that it had managed to get through ten goblins before almost breaking was impressive, but he still hadn’t reached the innermost part of the cave.

“A new weapon sure would be convenient, though.”

He thought of using the swords and spears of the goblins, but those weapons were all rusty and of awful quality.

It was as he was lamenting this that his eyes settled on the club dropped by the goblin he had just killed.

Taking it in his hand, he gives it a few practice swings. When it comes to delivering a single fatal blow, a bladed weapon will always win out over something that looked like it was fashioned from a tree.

However, the sense of security that comes with not having to worry about whether your weapon will break on this impact or the next can’t be overstated.

“But honestly, this really isn’t like the adventures I imagined.”

The sword is the weapon of the storybook hero, and a club the weapon of a miscellaneous henchman doomed to be cut down. Of course, he wanted to be the former.

But, even if it isn’t ideal, he’s not foolish enough to make a bad choice now.

Tapping his new weapon on his hand, Kyle advances further into the cave.



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  1. Thank you. Kyle’s growth is a mark of a good writer. Growing pains will make him a better character – maybe!? I wonder if he’s going to become a love interest of one or both of the twins.

    1. I thought he was gonna be aiming for the mother. Even though she’s twice his age…

    2. “Where have you been Tio?”

      “I was out clubbing with Kyle! It was fun!”

      On the other side of town, Kyle feels a chill run down his spine as he feels an enormous pressure. “D…dragon!?”

      1. Not gonna lie, I could have worded that a bit better. Though I could say that for a lot of my dross translations. But if GS taught us anything useful, it’s that a club is just as good sometimes.

        1. Nah, swords are strictly superior. Particularly if you’re not expecting a lot of armored opposition and intend to spend a lot of time in confined spaces. So you know, fighting the equivalent of tiny cavemen. In literal caves.

          Also they’re relatively cheap depending on your world’s level of cultural development. Europe toward the late middle ages and renaissance had a pretty robust “secondhand” market. Because swords were basically cars. You can either by a top-of-the-line status symbol in the fashion of the day or go for an old beater that’ll do the job. Because they had been making swords for centuries at this point.

          A common arming sword wouldn’t be hard to come by. Not exactly “throw it away” cheap but you could probably acquire a couple. Hatchets, of the sort used to chop wood, would also be very common and easy to come by just because it’s a common tool and they’d be pretty much everywhere. Which was the real reason some cultures carried axes. It’s just a tool everybody had on hand. Its drawbacks compensated for by carrying a shield or buckler. (Another common “weapon” used to compensate for lack of armor. Because not everybody is filthy rich. Armor ) Follow this with a supplementary dagger as another sidearm.

          The magicians should still carry a sidearm sword. No exceptions. That’s what they’re for. There’s a concept of the “bad war.” A good war being the sort of war where your role specialists actually get to perform their role and victory and defeat is quickly determined by things going to plan. Which is to say, your archers get to archer. Your phalanx is neat and tidy. And so on.

          The bad war? Yeah that’s when your archers don’t get to be archers because somebody is crawling up their ass. Or in short, when your magicians don’t get to magician. Your healers don’t get to heal. So a hip sword is effectively mandatory. Unless your magic is literally allergic to metal or you’re the kind of Vancian wizard who needs complete and single-minded devotion to the art, you carry a sword. Or you’re just being stupid.

          I any context in which you do not use a sword, you carry a spear or polearm of some description. Then put the sword on your hip until you need it for the bad war.

  2. “Sword, ready!”

    An iron short sword that he sharpened especially for today.

    “Shield, fine!”

    An ugly yet practical buckler that fit him well.

    “Armour, good!”

    A cheap metal helmet covering his head and boiled leather armour. Because he lacked funds, he fashioned arm bracers and shin protectors for himself from leather, tied tightly so that they don’t fall off in battle.

    “All potions, ready!”

    Pain relievers, poison antidotes and even a small magical energy recovery potion purchased with the last of his money.
    Newbie Goblin Slayer from the Year One Gaiden, Is that You?

  3. Thank you for your hard work. One detail that confused me: “When monsters rampage in such monsters, and sometimes with uncanny intelligence, your instincts tell you that mankind should be little more than a prey animal.” When monsters rampage in such…. what?

    1. I actually have no idea since this was almost five months ago, just what on earth did I mean?

      I fixed it up a bit, but jeez how did that happen

  4. Meh. The kingdom needs a robust militia culture. Like Germany or Switzerland. You know, what with being surrounded by hostile foreign powers and all.

    Meaning that the ownership and storage of arms is compulsory and training with them is highly encouraged. So you have something like an actual organized resistance when your walled city comes under siege.

    1. Hell, if I remember correctly, the English made it mandatory to train with bows on a regular basis.

  5. Second thought of the day:
    I really have to wonder how many of the monster problems are fundamentally problems of engineering and social policy.

    So let’s say your sewers are overrun by giant cockroaches. Sending fresh meat, I mean, young intern adventurers is basically exploitative labor because you were too cheap to spring for proper infrastructure. Sewers should be so designed that nothing can get food out of them or breed in underground fortifications.

    Some enterprising scholar should really study that problem and work out an understanding of the life cycle of giant cockroaches or whatever. Or design better sewers. I roll my eyes when you tell me your sewers are infested by goblins and you have to hire labor to dislodge them. It tells me that you are either corrupt or inept. Why did the town or polity in question let it get this bad?

    Goblin genocide actually sounds like a good idea too. Mostly for the same reason that most diseases are only spread by a small handful of mosquito subspecies, so extincting them would have no real ecological impact.

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