The Villainess Blooms – 9

The Villainess Confronts the Dragon

Impossible. That feeling resounds throughout my entire being.


I wasn’t trying to escape from reality, I was just shocked that I was looking at a living thing that shouldn’t by rights exist.




Yua’s thoughts were the same. In astonishment, she went on.


“What is this… How… A dragon…? That’s means…?”


Even if she didn’t finish her question, I understood it. A dragon existing isn’t a mystery in itself. However, that Dragon should have been sealed away in the body of a girl. There is only one Dragon, a unique breed of monster. There are no others. That it’s appearing before us now can only mean one thing.


“That’s impossible.. the 『Vessel』 is…?”


I couldn’t think of any other possibility. But, it’s something seems off. The Dragon’s Vessel, the girl who bore the seal, was an aristocratic girl who went to Creatio School for Magic. I had seen her myself several times.


(Ah, come to think of it, wasn’t she one of those girls who condemned me at that time? Was that child murdered? Did someone intentionally try and set the Dragon loose?)


It’s certainly a distinct possibility.


“Veena-sama, now’s not the time to think about it. Let’s do that later.”


The huge shadow of the dragon that was moving towards the town was coming closer and closer. Yua is right. It does no one any good to think about that now. I begin to let my magic flow and reinforce my body with energy. Yua starts to strengthen her own physical abilities as well.


As I do so, I turn and issue orders to the hunters around us who are still standing slackjawed.


“We will bring down that beast. You people should evacuate the townsfolk.”

“Bring down that…? Don’t be ridiculous! Your opponent is a Dragon, you know!? You should evacuate as well!”


Their timid words that reflected my own just a few minutes ago make me sigh reflexively. If you just stand idle, you’ll die.


“It’s the only thing that can be done. Now, are you peons going to move, or just silently stand there and become Dragon food?”




Someone audibly gasped, but I continued on.


“Well, not that it matters to me.”


I take a step forward.


“If you’re going to die, you may as well make it a spectacle and go out holding your ground.”
“That’s right. All we need to do is hold it here until the town is finished evacuating. Though, I really hope that’s sooner rather than later.”


Yua’s voice can be heard, and she manages a brave looking smile. “It’s over.” and “This is impossible.” Things like that can still be heard in the din. But one of those voices in the crowd was different. One of those people who had sensed the danger back in the restaurant raised his voice.


“Oi, you guys, don’t wuss out now! If we don’t do it, we’re all going to die anyway, so if we have to decide between doing it and not doing it, we just have to do it, so let’s do it!”


It was Kenkar. Although as a woman I have my concerns about him, and I’d really rather he not be within a hundred metres of Yua even in a situation like this, that booming voice of his is for once a blessing. After that, another voice piped up.


“Ahh, you’re right. We don’t have a snowflake’s chance in hell against that monster, but we can at least buy some time for the rest of the town.”


The burly man from back there. Then, one after another, determined voices pierce the night air.


“Y-yeah! If we can at least evacuate the residents…”
“I mean, we can at least do that much, right?”
“Even if we can’t fight, helping the people escape is the least we can do.”
“Oh, you young folk are finally showing some backbone at last!”


Thank goodness, this means that we should be able to disengage once the evacuation is over.


“Yes, Veena-sama.”


Yua and I went in different directions, not needing to communicate our intentions. Using magical power to take to the sky, we fly straight to the Dragon and expend all our abilities on it as it’s still in mid-flight. We have to take the initiative.


The black energy from my hand and the luminous white glow from Yua’s hit the dragon instantaneously, causing a huge explosion. This is light magic, the foundation of all magical usage. But, although this magic is widely used amongst the aristocracy, its power varies wildly depending on how strong their magical power is.


As our battle begins, the people on the ground began to start in their various roles.


The King of Lafalis was suffering from a migraine.


Following the incident where the Second Prince Arnight broke off his betrothal to Veena Lilyfall, problems have been cropping up one after another all over the country.


One of them is the mysterious murders that have been taking place at the Creatio School for Magic. To make matters worse, those victims were all high ranking noble girls who had essentially been trusted to the state for safe keeping during their studies. One of them had belonged to the Cocyrtis family, who had for generations used their bodies and magical energy to seal Seal Designated Monsters, immortal beasts that cannot be defeated, only locked away with sorcery.


“Nuu… You still haven’t found the location of the Dragon?”
“We are currently searching for it high and low.”
“Is that so…”


The King sighs. The longer the Dragon remains on the loose, the more likely it is that one of his cities will be wiped off the map. That was something he absolutely wanted to avoid.


“…I beg of you. Please find it before any of my beloved people come to harm.”


It was the King’s earnest wish. And, as if making a fool of him, Arnight scoffed.


“What are you talking about? It’s better that it goes on a bit of a rampage. That will make finding it all the easier.”


It was an extremely abhorrent remark for the leading candidate to become the heir apparent to make.


“Don’t be foolish!”


The King yelled, but Arnight remained unmoved.


“Far too soft, as usual. This is why everyone ridicules you behind your back, dear Father. Such foolish things as letting your heart be rent over a little bit of collateral damage You’re not really this much of a fool, are you?”


“…Do you stand by what you just said?”
“Of course, it is the honest truth. I do not know what it means to doubt myself.”


His son’s idiocy truly astonished the King. If only he could deprive him of his right to succession here and now. But, that’s out of his control, which only makes him more distressed. And if to compound his misery, he looks at the person standing next to Arnight.


The woman who became Arnight’s fiancee at Veena’s expense, Mina Yukishiro, steps forward and asks the King a question straight from her heart.


“Your Majesty, why search for a Dragon when you could be dedicating those resources to finding Veena?”


“Ohh, what an excellent idea! Dear Father, why not take half the knights currently searching for the Dragon, and instead assign them to capture that woman?”


Cease your insolence! Is what the King desperately wanted to shout, but instead he slowly shakes his head.


“That’s an unreasonable request.”
“Are you simply going to abandon Yua?”


The Second Prince cites the official line. But, the King denies it with a “That’s not the case at all.”


“Right now, the Dragon is our primary concern. After that, we can deal with the issue of Veena Lilyfall.”


The King spoke diplomatically. However, Arnight finally loses his temper and his face distorts in indignation.


“Are you simply going to let this criminal escape!?”


Hmph, the King laughs through his nose.


“I am yet to be convinced of her crimes.”


He looks at Mina. Her eyes are filled with nothing but cold emotion.


Then, Arnight continues in a rage.


“What the blazes do you mean? She kidnapped Yua! There is no question of her guilt! Anything that threatens this country needs to be eliminated as quickly as possible!”


The King replies to Arnight, who is repeating the official version of the story so much it’s almost as if he believes it.


“Yes, you’re correct. To that end, I’m focusing on trying to find this Dragon before it can become such a threat.”


Arnight grinds his teeth in silent anger. His eyes are filled with murderous rage. However, it is not a rage that will be unleashed on his father.


“…Father, if that is your answer, then so be it. Mina, let us depart.”
“Ah, y-yes…”


Arnight turns on his heel, and Mina follows along behind him as he leaves. Before closing the door behind him, Arnight spat out a final “Foolishness.”


Spoken with pure contempt.


“…Your Majesty , are you feeling alright?”


As the Royal Secretary asked that, the King managed to right himself and reply.


“Oh, I’m fine. Forgive me, I must have cut a poor figure.”
“Not at all…”


The secretary thought of saying something supportive but decided to keep it to himself.


“For the time being, let us continue hunting that Dragon.”


The secretary’s heart was on the verge of breaking, seeing the King in such a state, and he felt nothing but revulsion for the Second Prince that had caused it.



Never change, Mina.

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