The Villainess Blooms – 7

The Villainess Dines Out


…It had grown dark outside. I wake up first and gently shake Yua’s shoulder.


“Yua, it’s time to wake up.”


“Nmyaaa… Nna…”


An adorable sound once again comes from Yua’s lips. “Fu fu…” I giggle to myself and smile broadly. This time, I gave Yua’s shoulder a slightly stronger shake. Slowly, her eyelids opened.


“Veena-sama, good morning…”


After rubbing her eyes like a young child after a nap, Yua took a long stretch. Her beautiful silver hair hangs loosely over her back as she bends.


“Good morning to you too, though it hardly seems appropriate. It’s only 8 o’clock in the evening.”


“Eh… ah… EH!? I am so s-sorry!” I’ll get dinner started right away!”


I stopped her.


“There’s no need. Let’s eat out in town today.”




I lift Yua off my lap, and then stand up myself.


“Are you alright with eating at that place tonight?”


“If you’re fine with it, so am I.”


‘That place’ being the monster hunting contract submission office’s on-site restaurant. It was one of my first stops when we reached this town originally.


After Yua agreed, I set to work preparing myself to head out. After tying my black hair tinged with a hint of dark blue behind my head, I set to work on Yua.


I gently comb her flowing silver hair.


“How would you like me to style it today?”


“Whatever Veena-sama would prefer…”


“Okay, I understand.”


I begin to braid Yua’s hair like I once used to do for my sister many years ago.


“Fu fu, all done.”


“Veena-sama… Isn’t this the way Leena has her hair done?”


Yua seemed dissatisfied.


“Liking her hairstyle so much… Veena-sama, are you really a siscon…?”


“That’s absolutely not the case. Well, I can’t pretend I dislike it though.”


I deny the charges and tap Yua’s head lightly.


“Well then, shall we be off?”




Yua nodded reluctantly and followed me out the door. The cold night air stings slightly. Because of the mountainous valley around us, even during summer, the evenings can become cool quickly. This house was probably used as a summer getaway at one time for people looking to escape the heat.


“It really is cold tonight. I think I’m going to go back and get our coats.”


“Actually, it’s fine like this.”


Yua intertwined her arms with mine and pulled me close.


“Yua, this is really improper, if someone saw…”


“It’s fine, isn’t it? We’re both girls after all.”


I don’t think that line can solve every problem with this situation, but I let it go. Giving Yua full custody of my arm, we eventually entered the old looking building. An old building with a sign printed above reading “Monster Hunting Request Office”


A Monster Hunting Request Office is a place that will take contracted requests from groups or individuals whose peace is being disturbed by some kind of monster or demon, as the name implies. Any person with martial skill can register there to take requests, so a week ago I myself registered and began to carve out a living to support Yua and myself.


When I first announced my intention to register, I was treated with a hefty amount of suspicion, since it’s incredibly unusual for a woman to follow this line of work. However, once I demonstrated my magical ability, I easily overtook Kenkar as the Number One here.


Thanks to that, I’m able to make money with little trouble.


“Excuse us.”


We enter with little fuss. The interior of the building was divided into three separate spaces.


The bulletin board where new requests are posted, the reception area where the employees handle issues and payment, and the restaurant. Without thinking much about why such a place would need a full dining set up, we head towards it.


“Oh, you girls! Didn’t you get a request to hunt a monstrous boar? How is it going? Aren’t they quick and difficult to fight? Need me to lend you a hand?”


A brawny man full of mirth called out to them. I’ve never talked to him before, but one quick look was more than enough to tell that he was quite drunk already.


“I finished that this morning, I’ll be sure to tell you all about it later.”


“Oh… izzat so? As expected of our Princess!”


Yua’s grip on my arm tightened sharply. Was she responding to the word ‘princess’?


“It’s okay… He’s just a drunk, he doesn’t know about you.”


When I quietly explained to her, Yua seemed to feel a wave of relief. Just as she relaxed, another voice called out to us.


“Honestly, you sisters are so close to each other. I also want to be loved as a big brother in that way.”


Another person I don’t know.


“Ain’t that right… They’re both so cute.”
“Yeah yeah! Ah, that’s it. How about it, do you two want to drink with us?”
“Now that’s a plan! I wanna drink with Miss Veena!”
“I want to drink together with Miss Yua! Let’s have some nice girl talk together!”
“Oi, Grandma. You’re not at the age to have a ‘girls talk’ anymore.”
“Ha? Say that again, whippersnapper, and I will kill you.”


People just keep speaking up one after the other, each one with speech more slurred by drink than the last. Deciding against working up the room any further since I’m already feeling tired, I take Yua and sit at a small two-person table. Despite being neglected by us, the room seemed to retain its energy.


“Aww man, completely cold-shouldered.”
“You scared her off with that face of yours.”
“Wanna say that again, huh?”
“Gahaha, that’s the spirit! Come on!”
“I’ll give you one warning, don’t say that again.”
“Not happenin'”


Those noisy pissants seem to be having a lot of fun. I have to say, though, I don’t exactly hate this kind of atmosphere.


“Excuse me, but we’re ready to order.


“Ah, yes, just one moment.”


After calling over the waitress, I place my order.


“We’ll each have a Thousand Leg Spider Teppanyaki and an Ox Bird carpaccio, as well as a refillable drink.”


“Um… Uh… A Thousand Leg Spider Teppanyaki was it…?


The waitress looks at me with a strange expression.


“Is there a problem?”


As I say that, I look at the clerk. Did she misunderstand because I ordered too quickly? The poor employee was looking flicking through her pocket manual trying to find the right words. It seems that this kind of thing happens quite often to me, I wonder if my eyesight is actually much poorer than I thought, and I just can’t read the menus correctly? The waitress still seems to be panicking.


“Ah, n-no, there’s no problem, um, my apologies. Okay, then, I’ll repeat your order. Two Thousand Leg Spider Teppanyaki, Two Ox Bird Carpaccio and a refillable drink. Will that be all?”


“No, that’s all. Thank you.”


“T-then if that’s everything, your food will be along momentarily.”


The waitress quickly walks to the kitchen to deliver their order.


“Veena-sama, you really have strange tastes in food, don’t you?”


I deny that.


“I’m not particularly fond of such things.”


Yua tilted her head.


“Then, why? Why not eat something normal, instead of something most people wouldn’t think to eat even to save their own life?”


“I’m just curious. When I see something like that, I feel like I have to know what it tastes like.”


“Ah… Now it makes sense. I think I’m the same! I’ve always been attracted to the unknown.”


Not thinking about what she said too much, I respond with a “Yes”.


“So, Yua, are you fine with eating what I ordered?”


I recommended the Thousand Legged Spider Teppanyaki to Yua with a smile on my face.


“I think I’ll pass.”


Ah, it was rejected. What a shame.



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  1. Thanks for the new chapter! Thousand Legged Spider Teppanyaki, Veena starts showing her weird taste.

  2. I have the tastes of a child as far as food goes so eating what Veena plans on eating would be impossible to me.

  3. Large spiders are supposed to taste like crustaceans. Never had the opportunity to try it, but I probably would at least give it a shot. So far, rattlesnake, beef intestine and beef tendon have all been gambles that worked out for me. And I was completely hooked once I worked up the courage to try raw oysters.

  4. I wasn’t sure what teppanyaki was, so at first I thought it might at least be something like an omelette, like okonomiyaki. At least then, it would just be a weird ingredient. Turns out no, it really would just be grilled spider. Wow.

    Well, Yua, I’ve got some good news, and I’ve got some bad news. Good news is, your dearest Veena-sama is apparently down for anything, so she probably won’t reject a relationship with a woman out of hand. Just say she shouldn’t knock it until she tries it, or something. Bad news is, I’m not sure you’ll be able to get the image of her eating crispy spider out of your head for the rest of your life, so… Try not to think about that when you try to kiss her. Good luck.

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